Medical Conditions and Sexuality

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Medical Health and Sexuality: Health and sexuality often go hand-and-hand. Sex is a physical activity. Not surprisingly medical problems often have a direct impact on a person’s sex life. The goal of this section of the website is to identify common sexual problems related to a particular medical problem. Develop a language to facilitate the discussion around the necessary modifications needed to make great sex possible. Offer hope. You are not alone. Most people at some point in their life will have to grapple with some type of medical problem and most people continue to be sexual being! Having a medical condition can be considered (in a backwards sort of way) something positive because it forces couples to work together that previously might have felt too uncomfortable.

Common Medical Problems that impact sexuality
•Diabetes (diabetes impacts blood flow, and erections in both men and women are depended upon blood flow)
• Back injuries (laying down or sitting up may be uncomfortable, thus impacting the best sex positions)
• Chronic pain (pain can be distracting from sexual pleasure)
• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (shortness of breath)
• Menopause (decrease in lubrication) we debated including menopause into this category because it’s part of the normal aging process, but we included it because it does have an impact on sexual functioning)
• Heart attacks (fear of exerting oneself – which sex does can cause a person to have decreased sexual desire)
• High blood pressure (causes changes in blood vessels which can cause men to experience and erectile dysfunction)

Sex and Pregnancy: A Husband’s Reflection

The pregnant partner isn’t the only one experiencing change during sex. For the husband, how he views his wife, and what attracts him to his wife can change, and ideally for the positive. In the above letter, this specific husband now sees his wife as sexier with her new curves, and with more confidence. He […]

Type 1 verses Type 2 Diabetes – What the Media Overlooks

Type 1 verses Type 2 Diabetes – What the Media Overlooks

Being pregnant when no one knows

Being pregnant when no one knows. Congratulations! Let us be the first to rejoice with you. Keeping you’re pregnancy a secret for the time being can be bittersweet, and even a struggle for many.

Spina Bifida And Sex

Spina Bifida & Sex: A Brief Overview Any birth defect in which the spine does not close completely is considered spina bifida.  This defect typically develops during the first month of pregnancy and seems to be the result of both genetic and environmental factors. Spina bifida occurs in roughly 7 out of 10,000 live births. […]

Spermicides And Birth Defects

Can spermicides cause birth defects? False and here is why spermicides and birth defects are not connected.

Sex and Pregnancy

Sex and Pregnancy: Pregnancy is a life altering event. Life will never be the same as you knew it. You can not go back. Parenthood is permanent.

Sex and Heart Attacks

Sex and heart attacks: an exploration

Sex After the Birth of a Child

Sex after the birth of a child is a different experience. Life, while fun, will not be the same.

Sex After Pregnancy

Sex after pregnancy: Not much research has been done to establish the frequency of intercourse after the birth of a child.

Sex Pregnancy Quiz

Take the sex pregnancy quiz. How much do you know about sex and pregnancy. Test yourself.

Sex & Pregnancy – The Right Tools and Support

Sex & Pregnancy – The Right Tools and Support

Quality Of Sex During Pregnancy

There is very little “research” on the answer to the question, “What is the quality of sex during pregnancy v.s. pre-pregnancy?”

Postpartum Depression In Philadelphia

Postpartum depression in Philadelphia, or PPD is a common problem facing new moms in Philadelphia that should not be ignored. An overview.

Perinatal Depression Quiz

Take the perinatal depression quiz developed at the Center for Growth / Sex Therapy in Philadelphia to determine what type of depression you have.

Pain During Pregnancy

Question about pain during pregnancy: Can intercourse during pregnancy cause a woman to feel pain?

Orgasms and Premature Labor Sex

Orgasms and premature labor sex – Question – Can female orgasms cause premature labor?

Medical Problems and Sex

Medical Problems and Sex: Health and sexuality often go hand-and-hand.

Masturbation and Pregnancy

Masturbation and Pregnancy. Question: Is masturbation bad for the fetus?

Pregnancy – An Opportunity To Learn How To Have Better Sex

Pregnancy as an OPPORTUNITY to learn how to have better sex with your spouse.

Is sex harmful during pregnancy?

Is sex harmful during pregnancy

Emotional Changes for the Couple During Pregnancy

During pregnancy couples experience many emotional changes. Learn what they are, and how to prepare you and your partner for them.

Information About Sex And Pregnancy

Information about sex and pregnancy: Talking about sex has become a mainstream concept. Many media sources have devoted time to discussing sexuality. Never the less, there is little information about how sex relates to pregnancy.

Fertility Problems

Easy steps to take to decrease the risk of fertility problems.

Does sex cause miscarriages

Does sex cause miscarriages?

Dividing issues during pregnancy

Common dividing couples during pregnancy. Most of these issues can be worked through with a skilled marriage / couples counselor. Help in Philadelphia is available.

Sex with Bleb Disease: Bleb Pain Scale, Pain Journal and Sexual Activities Table

Make healthy decisions about sexual activity when struggling with Bleb Disease, using a Bleb Pain Scale, pain journal and sexual activities table.

Bleb Disease and Sex

Understand how Bleb Disease can impact your sex life.

Baby’s level of awareness of Sex

Baby’s level of awareness of sex.

Prostate Cancer Sexuality

Prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Sexuality: A Brief Overview

Sex & Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life altering event. Life will never be the same as you knew it. You can not go back. Parenthood is permanent.

Tips For Increasing The Chances Of Becoming Pregnant

Tips for increasing the chances of becoming pregnant. Working with a sex therapist can spice up routine sex.