Therapy and Counseling Services

Therapy/Counseling Services in Center City, Richmond.  Specifically one is in the Art Museum / Fairmount Area, the other is in the Society Hill Area. 

Therapy Services and Information about Counseling Services: counseling and therapy services can be useful for anyone who feels stuck but has been unable to make strides on his or her own. Counseling can be initiated to address one discrete issue or many complex issues. Regardless of the focus of the treatment, the format of the treatment can differ. Sessions may include individual, couples, or family therapy, depending upon who is affected by the issue at hand. The type of therapy chosen will depend upon the client’s needs, financial situation, and availability of time.

When seeking therapy it is always preferable to choose a therapist who has experience in helping clients with similar issues. For example, while most therapists have some knowledge about sexuality issues, sexual problems are best managed by a therapist who concentrates on sexual function/dysfunction issues and has received specialized training in these areas. Similarly, someone seeking help for an eating disorder is best helped by a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. For a better understanding of our therapists’ specialties, please refer to our biographies in the About Us section of the site as well as our Information Center where you can read many self-help articles written by our therapists. You can also check out our therapist’s availability by looking at their schedules and signing up for a face-to-face session. 

You may also contact our Director, “Alex” Caroline Robboy, CAS, ACSW, LCSW at 215-570-8614 to discuss your particular situation. While every therapist has training in traditional counseling and sex therapy each of our therapists have their own particular niche and our goal is to help you find the very best therapist to meet your needs.  Additionally, for your convenience we have 2 offices within Center City. One is located in Society Hill and the other is located in the Art Museum / Fairmount Area.