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Age, Stage & Sexual Development: babies, childhood, adolescents & puberty, adulthood, menopause and seniors.

What is Menopause

What is Menopause? *Please note: for the purpose of this article, “woman/women” refers to individuals who have a body with a uterus, which could include trans and gender non-binary individuals that do not identify as a “woman”. Menopause refers to the time when a woman ceases menstruating. This process marks the end of a woman’s […]

Treating Menopause

Treating Menopause While most women do not experience significant incapacity from menopause, some do. For women who are distressed, overly uncomfortable, and even disabled by this transition, there are medical interventions that are available to reduce discomfort. You may be familiar with Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT) and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)  as a first-line treatment […]

Mood Changes and Menopause

Mood Changes and Menopause: Truth in the Research Historically, the ‘diagnosis’ of menopause has been held responsible for every mood change or unexplained feeling that women experienced throughout the climacteric 15 year period. Menopause, representing a state of decay, often required ‘treatment’ to protect women from their natural biological changes. Such interventions have included medication, […]

Understanding the Age of Sexual Consent

It can be terrifying to think about children being old enough to consent to having sex. Whether they are your own kids, family members, or if you work with them, it may seem like sexual development or behavior is getting younger and younger. Sex can mean anything penetrative including penis in vagina intercourse, oral, and […]

Female Anatomy

Female anatomy can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing the appropriate anatomical names to your female anatomy will help you to communicate with your partner and healthcare provider more efficiently. Having the same body part language as your partner can promote better communication surrounding your sexual needs and wants. Knowing your female […]

Sex and Pregnancy: The Third Trimester

Pregnancy often changes a couple’s sex life, varying daily and changing with each trimester. Learn the most comfortable and satisfying positions for the third trimester.

Sex and Pregnancy: A Husband’s Reflection

The pregnant partner isn’t the only one experiencing change during sex. For the husband, how he views his wife, and what attracts him to his wife can change, and ideally for the positive. In the above letter, this specific husband now sees his wife as sexier with her new curves, and with more confidence. He […]

When is the ideal time to have a baby as a couple?

In determining the ideal time to have a baby, there are many aspects of life to explore and discuss. If no answer jumps out right away, then it’s important to keep having these discussions because you will notice over time and depending on what’s going on with your life at the time, you’re answers (and […]

Support your pregnant partner and be vulnerable

How to Emotionally Support Your Pregnant Partner and be vulnerable requires following 8 Simple Concepts.

Being pregnant when no one knows

Being pregnant when no one knows. Congratulations! Let us be the first to rejoice with you. Keeping you’re pregnancy a secret for the time being can be bittersweet, and even a struggle for many.

Sex and Menopause

Should the words Sex and Menopause still go together? The good news is that women before, during and after menopause continue to be sexual beings. However, for anyone who has lived through menopause knows this answer is too simplistic.

Sex After the Birth of a Child

Sex after the birth of a child is a different experience. Life, while fun, will not be the same.

Sex After Pregnancy

Sex after pregnancy: Not much research has been done to establish the frequency of intercourse after the birth of a child.

Sex Pregnancy Quiz

Take the sex pregnancy quiz. How much do you know about sex and pregnancy. Test yourself.

Senior Citizens Sex Relationships

Senior Citizens, Sex and Relationships: Sexuality is a key component of human health in any age group. Most seniors still enjoy intimate relationships with their partners. As people live longer, more seniors will become single – either through death of a loved one or divorce. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about […]

Sex & Pregnancy – The Right Tools and Support

Sex & Pregnancy – The Right Tools and Support

Recently Single in Philly

Recently Single – What do I do now?

Quality Of Sex During Pregnancy

There is very little “research” on the answer to the question, “What is the quality of sex during pregnancy v.s. pre-pregnancy?”

Play Therapy in Philadelphia

Play therapy in Philadelphia / Center for Growth. A highly specialized type of care for people whose treatment needs are unique from adults.

Perinatal Depression Quiz

Take the perinatal depression quiz developed at the Center for Growth / Sex Therapy in Philadelphia to determine what type of depression you have.

Pain During Pregnancy

Question about pain during pregnancy: Can intercourse during pregnancy cause a woman to feel pain?

Orgasms and Premature Labor Sex

Orgasms and premature labor sex – Question – Can female orgasms cause premature labor?

Masturbation and Pregnancy

Masturbation and Pregnancy. Question: Is masturbation bad for the fetus?

Loss of a Loved One

How to Deal with the Loss of a Loved One in Philadelphia: at some point in life, most of us will experience the loss of a loved one.

Pregnancy – An Opportunity To Learn How To Have Better Sex

Pregnancy as an OPPORTUNITY to learn how to have better sex with your spouse.

Is sex harmful during pregnancy?

Is sex harmful during pregnancy

Information About Sex And Pregnancy

Information about sex and pregnancy: Talking about sex has become a mainstream concept. Many media sources have devoted time to discussing sexuality. Never the less, there is little information about how sex relates to pregnancy.

Dividing issues during pregnancy

Common dividing couples during pregnancy. Most of these issues can be worked through with a skilled marriage / couples counselor. Help in Philadelphia is available.

Dating After Loss

Dating after loss: knowing when to start dating after loosing a spouse or significant other is one of the difficult tasks that accompanies loosing the person. There are many factors that need to be addressed before the decision to start dating again can be made.

Baby’s level of awareness of Sex

Baby’s level of awareness of sex.

Sex & Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life altering event. Life will never be the same as you knew it. You can not go back. Parenthood is permanent.