Senior Citizens Sex Relationships

Senior Citizens, Sex and Relationships:   Sexuality is a key component of human health in any age group.  Most seniors still enjoy intimate relationships with their partners.   As people live longer, more seniors will become single — either through death of a loved one or divorce.   Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about sexuality in the elderly population.

The negative stereotypes of a “dirty old man,” or a “horny broad” are sometimes used to describe seniors who are interested in exploring their sexuality.  Sex is often perceived to be something reserved for the young and beautiful, and at the very least, for procreation.  Thus, elderly people’s need for intimacy is often overlooked.

Frequently, seniors find themselves in the unique situation of being single and needing to once again navigate the world of dating.  At this stage of life, however, they often lack the support of friends and family to help them successfully navigate the changing times and their changing needs.  In the elderly population, intimacy presents unique obstacles.

Therapy can help de-mystify this process and give each person the tools for healthy sexuality.  For example:

  • Dating in Later Life:
    • Developing realistic expectations for new relationships. Separating fact from fiction
    • Negotiating rules and limits of sexuality for seniors
    • Dating in an Assisted Living setting
    • Living independently while living at home with grown children
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections:
  • Sexual Dysfunction & Body Image
  • Common sexual functioning problems in later life
  • Body image changes over the life span
  • Healthy Sexuality:
    • What is healthy sexuality?
    • Breaking the taboo of silence
    • People are sexual from birth to death

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