Sex Therapy

 New Clients, as well as existing clients can use our online scheduling system or call (267) 324-LOVE (5683) option 100 Let us know if you prefer being seen at our Art Museum / Fairmount Therapy Office Philadelphia location or our Society Hill Therapy Office Philadelphia location, Ocean City NJ location, Santa Fe NM therapy location, Mechanicsville VA therapy location. You can also reach the founder at (267) 324-9564

What can you expect from sex therapy?
Sex therapy is superior to other forms of therapy for sexual problems because sex therapists have specific training in sexual function and dysfunction.  Additionally, many of our sex therapists have specialized in sex addiction treatment. In your sessions, you will have the opportunity to talk openly about your most intimate problems and receive specific suggestions about how to solve them.

What will happen in your sessions?
The first few sessions are spent getting to know you and understanding your problem. You will explore your psycho-social background and your family dynamics. Special emphasis will be placed on your sexual history, including how you learned about sexuality, and how you developed your sexual values and your sexual behaviors to date. The trained therapist, with your input, will develop an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. Depending upon your needs and wants, we can focus our work specifically on just the sexual issues or address the overall issues that are happening in your world. 

Sex therapy treatment typically begins using a behavioral model (with special exercises given at the end of each session to be practiced at home by yourself or with your partner). Treatment is usually short-term. However, when necessary, the therapist will work with you to resolve long-term underlying issues which may inhibit free expression of sexuality.

What happens if I have non – sex issues that I want to discuss? All our sex therapists at the Center for Growth are strong couples counselors, marriage therapists as well as general therapists.  People frequently seek therapeutic support when they find themselves, unhappy, depressed, anxious, panicked,  obsessive, scared, stressed, overwhelmed, numb,  distracted, confused, jealous, angry, and simply feeling out-of-sorts. All of our therapists work with clients who need help managing a job transition, grief, divorce, blending two families together, parenting concerns, pregnancy, financial problems, mood disorders, personality disorders, ADHD, dyslexia, trauma, and addictions. We can help. 

Call today and speak with our founder Alex Caroline Robboy (267) 324-9564 and she can help identify which of our sex therapists would be the best match for you.  For your convenience we have an office in Society Hill and the Art Museum / Fairmount area of Center City.  

  1. How To Choose A Therapist
  2. The Right Therapist
  3. How To Get The Most Out Of Individual Therapy
  4. How To Get The Most Out Of Couples Counseling
  5. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sex Therapist
  6. How To Tell Someone You Are In Therapy
  7. Should I Tell My Partner I Am In Counseling?

What happens in regular therapy?

  • Individual Therapy: Individual therapy involves one-to-one interaction with a trained therapist. Typically, a client meets with a therapist once a week until the client feels satisfied. Nearly everyone can benefit from individual therapy. Individual therapy can help people gain insight about themselves and discover the tools they need to achieve their own goals. For example, people often seek therapy because they feel depressed, experience panic attacks, have trouble dating, feel lonely, or feel fat but are unable to maintain a diet or workout routine. Individual therapy can help clients to develop healthy patterns and routines to cope with life’s ongoing life challenges.
  • Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling: Couples therapy / Marriage counseling involves two-to-one interaction with a trained therapist. In couples therapy, the two people in a relationship typically meet weekly with a therapist. Couples therapy is appropriate for all persons in relationships. Many people seek couples therapy to save a failing relationship or to work through a specific issue. Others seek couples therapy to prepare for marriage, or to gain clarity about their vulnerabilities as a couple. Sometimes one or both partners pursue individual therapy concurrently — in addition to couples therapy — to address individual issues interfering with the relationship. Couples therapy can strengthen the bond between partners.
  • Family Therapy: Family therapy typically involves one therapist meeting with an entire family (or several family members) to address issues that impact the whole family. Family therapy is a useful modality to help strengthen the ways in which family members relate to one another. Frequently, parents seek out family therapy when they are not getting along with their children, their kids are ‘out of control’, or there is immense sibling rivalry. Other times, family therapy is sought when a family’s capacity to handle life’s stressors is diminished due to difficult transitions, such as divorce, the loss of a job, the return of a parent to the workplace, a death in the family, or the creation of a blended family.

When seeking therapy it is always preferable to choose a therapist who has experience in helping clients with similar issues. For example, while most therapists have some knowledge about sexuality issues, sexual problems are best managed by a therapist who concentrates on sexual function/dysfunction issues and has received specialized training in these areas. Similarly, someone seeking help for an eating disorder is best helped by a therapist who specializes in eating disorders.

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Not interested in sex therapy, and you simply want some self help tips

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