Sex Compulsion Support Group in Philadelphia
One group is virtual and the other is inperson. 
Sex Compulsion Support Group Registration Fee: $25
Weekly Sex Compulsion Support Group Session: $10

Sex Compulsion Support Group in Philadelphia PA is designed for individuals who identify as male who have concerns about their sexual behavior or self-identify as being addicted to some form of compulsive sexual behavior (i.e. internet pornography, solo sex, strippers, etc.). The goal of the sex compulsion group in Philadelphia is to help individuals support each other in making the lifestyle changes needed to develop healthier expressions of sexuality from their compulsive sexual behaviors. The sex compulsion group format will consist of clients interacting with each other in a supportive way to help them achieve their individual goals. Therapeutic interventions specific to sex addiction recovery will also be implemented as needed by a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) who will facilitate the sex compulsion support group in Philadelphia PA.

Prior registration is required. Please contact Rick Snyderman, M.Ed., LPC, CADC, CSAT, NCC at (267) 428-2608 to enroll in his sex addiction group in Philadelphia PA.

Asking for help by joining a sex compulsion support group in Philadelphia PA, may seem easy for some and difficult for others. Usually it is not asking for help itself that is the issue, but the meaning or beliefs you may assign to such actions. Common physical, life-threatening scenarios such as yelling from a burning building for a rescue or falling off a boat and flailing in deep ocean water make asking for help feel justified. However, when it comes to needing emotional help, a mindset could prevail that can be self-defeating instead of leading to the benefits that asking for help has to offer.

Joining a sex compulsion group in Philadelphia PA can bring up all types of emotions. There are many factors that could interfere with a person’s willingness to ask for help, let alone join a sex addiction support group in philadelphia. The factors depend on how you were raised or even the culture that you grew up in. Below are some common beliefs that serve as barriers to asking for help and joining a sex addiction support group and can potentially keep you feeling stuck:

  • “Asking for help and joining a sex addiction support group in Philadelphia means that I am a weak person.” This is a common thought pattern where self-reliance is expected implying that there is something fundamentally wrong with you if you enlist the assistance of another person for emotionally-based reasons. This belief can keep you isolated and negatively impact your self-esteem because realistically we do not always have all the resources needed to solve certain problems on our own, thereby preventing us from moving forward. Joining a sex addiction support group enables you to get to know many other people dealing with a similar type of issue.
  • “In my family, we do not talk about problems outside of the house, let along join a sex addiction support group.” This is a tricky one because in some cultures, this is a very real expectation where talking about issues outside of the house is perceived as being disloyal to the family. However, if you feel you are not getting the support you need from your family, and want to do something more to help yourself, then seeking outside help may be necessary. Remember that a sex addiction support group in Philadelphia and / or a sex addiction therapist can offer objective feedback and this does not mean you are going against your family values, only adding on to it in order to find the emotional relief that you deserve.
  • “I don’t want to become dependent a sex addiction support group or a sex therapist to always help me.” While this is a respectable position and makes good sense, seeking help from other people for a specific issue does not mean you are not capable of helping yourself in other areas of your life. In fact, a good sex therapist or friend will help you help yourself as no one can do the work for you. As a result, utilizing the help that is offered to you can empower you to help yourself the next time that issue arises.
  • “If I get help outside of my relationship and join a sex addiction support group, then my partner may think I do not trust them. My partner might also worry that I am cheating on them because I won’t be able to tell my partner about the other people in the sex addiction group due to confidentiality issues.” Seeking out a support group for sex addiction outside of your relationship can help more because the other recovering sex addicts and sex therapist facilitating the group can see your issue through a more unbiased lens compared to your significant other who may be equally affected by the solutions you choose to solve your problem.
  • “I do not have the time to talk join a sex addiction support group in Philadelphia PA” When it comes to joining a sex addiction support group in Philadelphia lot of folks put joining a sex addiction support group off because of not only having limited time, but a shortage of money also. Although there could be a lot of truth to this, it is important to be honest with yourself by contemplating how much time and money was spent on the sex addiction problem. For example, if your issue is a type of addiction, the amount of time and money spent on the addiction likely exceeds the cost and time investment that is needed to help you recover from it. When it comes to not having the time, it is important to also consider the potential emotional and health consequences that could emerge if you do not get the help that you need in an earlier time-frame. In other words, an investment in time and money now, could save you time and money later if your problems get worse. Also, our sex addiction support group is only 10$. Our individual sex addiction therapy recovery therapists are more expensive and typically range in price from $50-$300.

Joining a Sex Addiction Support Group is a structured way to start the process of asking for support. You don’t have to do this alone. Help is available.

Sex Addiction Recovery: The first step in recovering from a sex addiction starts with you! True sex addiction recovery means becoming honest with oneself. One must acknowledge ones own problems.

In the beginning of a sex addiction recovery it is not necessary to admit your problems to your friends, family, co-workers or even to a therapist. The first step is simply to acknowledge that some of your thoughts and behaviors have gotten out of control. Defining the problem helps you develop a plan of action. In general, telling at least one other person about your problem will help you. No one has to fight a sex addiction alone. We strongly encourage talking to a sex addiction therapist or a joining a sex addiction support group. Learning more about your situation can help. Our goal is to help you develop the tools that you will need in your path to your sexual addiction recovery recovery. Getting honest with oneself is the first step.

We believe that often secrecy becomes part of the problem. Having secrets from family, friends and co-workers cause you to experience additional emotional stress. With that being said, just because you think you might have a sex addiction, does not mean that we are encouraging you to share this information. When, if, and how are deeply personal questions, and each decision may have different outcomes. What we do know is that carrying the secrets around become more work than dealing with the reality of the truth. Secrets prevent people from really knowing you and acting like a real friend. How can anyone help you if they do not know what is going on?

Recovery from a sexual addiction is scary. You cannot change your past. The pain you might have caused to others, while unintentional is real. With that being said, you have the power to change the present and your future. The choice is yours. Are you willing to get honest with yourself about your sexual problems?


To Join The Sex Addiction Support Group in Philadelphia PA, prior registration is required. Please contact Rick Snyderman, M.Ed., LPC, CADC, CSAT, NCC at (267) 428-2608 to enroll in his sex addiction group in Philadelphia PA.