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  • Anxiety Therapy Group
  • Chronic Back Pain Therapy Group
  • Depression Therapy Group
  • Female Sexual Pain Support Group
  • Grief Therapy (unexpected or traumatic loss) Group
  • Herpes Support Group
  • Unexpectedly Single (divorced, separated or never married and suddenly back on the dating scene and needing support)

Help with Herpes: A Support Group in Philadelphia

  • Do you or your partner have genital herpes?
  • Are you worried about the emotional, physical and sexual impact of herpes?
  • Do you feel tainted? Afraid? Alone?

Please join us for an informative, supportive and confidential genital herpes group. Help with Herpes provides a safe environment in which you can discuss how herpes is impacting your life, meet people who know just what you are going through, learn tips and techniques about managing herpes, and get support and guidance as you adjust to living with herpes.

Remember, you’re not alone. We’re here to help.

How can Help with Herpes help? Though each person’s reaction to being diagnosed with herpes is unique, most people share similar concerns. You may be asking yourself:

  • Should I tell my partner?
  • How and when should I tell my partner?
  • Will I be rejected?
  • Is there a cure?
  • Can herpes be spread only during an outbreak?
  • Can I still have sex?
  • Will I infect my partner?
  • Can I have children?
  • Will anyone ever want me?

These questions, and many more, will be explored and answered in our support group.

To enroll:  (267) 324-9564 and ask to speak with the intake coordinator. The intake coordinator will arrange for you to meet one-on-one with the group leader to discuss your situation, and to fill out all the necessary paperwork.

Fee:  $10 Per Group

The group meets on Tuesday nights from 7-8pm at our Art Museum / Fairmount Office location. You MUST register before attending. 

Anxiety & Depression Support Group in Philadelphia:

Are you anxious? Do you constantly worry? Do you have thoughts that don’t go away? Do you feel sad, irritable angry or indifferent? Have you experienced rapid heart beat, sweating, shaking, nausea, difficulty breathing, aches & pains in response to bad situations? Do you find yourself experiencing unexplained episodes of crying? Do you feel guilty or worthless? Do you have a hard time making decisions? If you have experienced some of these feelings, this group might be for you.

The Depression & Anxiety Support Group meetings focus on:

  • Understanding your anxiety and / or depression
  • Identifying your fears and insecurities
  • Exploring the mind/body connection
  • Learn other’s perspectives
  • Improving communication & decreasing isolation
  • Manage your symptoms
  • Utilizing cognitive-behavioral strategies to cope
  • Create a plan to manage crisis
  • Developing strategies for change

These issues and many more will be explored in our support group.

To enroll: (267) 324-9564 and ask to speak with the intake coordinator. The intake coordinator will arrange for you to meet one-on-one with the group leader to discuss your situation, and to fill out all the necessary paperwork. 

Fee: $10 Per Group

This group is located at our Society Hill Office and meets on Monday Nights 7-8pm.  You must register BEFORE attending. 

Painful Intercourse Support Group in Philadelphia – Women Only

Do you feel sexually dead? frustrated? alone? confused? isolated? embarrassed? depressed? or anxious? If so, you are not alone. Most women at some point throughout their lifespan will experience periods of painful intercourse. Painful Intercourse can be caused by many different conditions including vulvodynia, vaginismus, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids, ovarian cysts, and vaginal infections and of course poor sexual techniques and more general relationship problems. Meet other women who struggle and cope with Painful Sex: This group will help both single women & women in long term relationships to:

  • Learn how to cope with your sexual condition and its effect on your sex life
  • Develop the essential sexual skills that will enhance the quality of your sexual life
  • Make sense of your own cultural, religious, and spiritual views of female sexuality
  • Create a sexy environment and be comfortable taking charge of your sexual desires
  • Identify your sexual fantasies and sexual likes and learn useful techniques to get the most out of sex
  • Develop pelvic floor relaxation skills which will help you get the most out of sex. These techniques can be practiced alone or with a lover
  • Recognize how your fears about triggering specific sexual pain makes the situation worse. Replace your anxiety, which causes the situation to become worse, with established techniques to enhance your ability to be sexually present and enjoy intimacy
  • Learn ways to meet your lovers sexual desires, while creating a sexually safe and enjoyable environment for yourself
  • Replace anxiety-producing cognitions with reality based self-affirming ideas and minimize distress in your sexual interactions both with self and others
  • Identify useful strategies for women who cope with sexual pain in the dating world. When to disclose & how much to reveal
  • Develop skills for talking with a long-term lover or a new lover about your situation
  • Meet other women who have similar struggles.

You are not alone

To enroll, please call (267) 324 9564