Separated, Divorced & Becoming Intimate Again

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Intimacy after the end of a relationship. Separated, Divorced, grief and moving forward.

Redefining Sexual Values

Redefining your sexual values is one aspect of the overall process of redefining yourself, separate from your former spouse. It’s natural to mold yourself around the needs of others, particularly in a long-term relationship or marriage. Much of this is automatic; so much so that you may not have recognized the parts of your “self” […]

Will This Relationship Last?

Will this relationship last? Should I invest time and energy into it? Will counseling help?

Recently Single in Philly

Recently Single – What do I do now?

Dating After Loss

Dating after loss: knowing when to start dating after loosing a spouse or significant other is one of the difficult tasks that accompanies loosing the person. There are many factors that need to be addressed before the decision to start dating again can be made.


Single being single is a relationship style where a person is sexually and/or romantically unattached.