Single being single is a relationship style where a person is sexually and/or romantically unattached.

Various Meanings Although the term ‘single’ may be interpreted as someone who is completely unattached to anyone in a sexual/romantic sense, one may find that the term is used more loosely. Two (by no means exhaustive) examples of alternative meanings of ‘single’ are people who are in relationships but unmarried, or those in sexual but non-romantic relationships.

Possible Benefits to Being Single

  • Freedom of making life choices independently.
  • Ability to date, have sex with, or engage in romantic liaisons with a range of people.
  • More time can be focused on personal development and development of family relationships and friendships.
  • No partner-related worries, stress, or management of other negative relationship related emotions.
  • If single after a long-term relationship, one may enjoy the newfound sense of freedom involved with being single.
  • Privilege in certain social or professional situations (i.e. bars).

Possible Challenges to Being Single

  • If a relationship is desired, one may experience negative feelings (i.e. loneliness) due to being single.
  • Pressure from friends or family to be in a relationship.
  • Finding partners for sexual or romantic liaisons may be sporadic.
  • If engaging in multiple casual sexual encounters, the risk for STIs increases.
  • Misunderstanding about singlehood by those choosing other relationship styles.
  • Alienation from friends who are coupled.
  • If single after a long-term relationship one may find it difficult to navigate dating, sex, etc.
  • Disadvantage in certain social or professional situations (i.e. running for political office).

Tips on Being Single