Safer Sex Techniques

What is safer sex?

In a nut shell, it’s techniques that people utilize to decrease the potential natural consequences of becoming sexually active.  Note: not being sexual also has it’s own set of risks. We believe people are sexual from the time they are born until the time they die.  Throughout the years, sexuality looks different at the various ages and stages of life. The idea of there being natural consequences to being sexually active are similar to natural consequences of following through with any decision. With every door that opens, another one closes. Our mission is to help each individual better assess the risks and rewards of any behavior.  There is no right path.  However, with that being said, there are some behaviors that tend to have better outcomes.  For example, if one makes the decision to have sex, using a condom & the pill will dramatically lower the risk of conceiving a fetus, than having unprotected sex 14 days prior to ovulation.  Safer sex education helps decrease the risks involved such as unplanned pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections. Sexually transmitted infections include HIV, herpes, gonorrhea, and clamydia. Lastly, safer sex increases communication among all those involved, which can result in a higher level of enjoyment. Lastly, safer sex, can help people develop a more fulfilling sexual life because it tends to look at sexuality more holistically. Sex is more than just penile-vaginal penetration, it encompasses the mind, body and spirit.  Thus, we have compiled a list of popular tips that we have written that will help you develop a deeper understanding of safer sex and how it might apply to you.

Pregnancy & STD Prevention

Romance & Passion: learn how to ramp up the romance & passion in your relationship

The Art of Seduction: learn how to engage your partner’s brain without needing to engage in sexually risky behavior


  • The art of Seducing
  • Seducing
  • Setting the mood STM
  • Finger painting & sex FPS
  • Engage in Erotica E
  • How to share sexual fantasies SSF
  • How to create a sexual fantasy CSF
  • Fantasy F
  • Blindfolds B
  • The How To’s for a Dynamic Relationship DR


Sexual Communication with Others

Masturbation: solo sex

Mutual Masturbation

The G-Spot

  • The Male G-Spot MGS
  • The Female G-Spot FGS
  • Pleasuring the Female G-Spot (PFGS)

Manual Stimulation

Foot Stimulation

Sexual Safety


  • The Benefits of Celibacy BC
  • Is Celibacy Right for You and Your PartnerCR
  • Abstinence Sexual Abstinence


Dating Ideas

  • Inexpensive Dating ideas in Philadelphia DIP

Above are most of the tips on safer sex techniques