Cheap Dates in Philly

Cheap Dates in Philly: Fun dates that won’t break the bank

Given the economic crunch most of us are in there days, here is a tip on how to make the most out of dates that are super cheap and super fun!  These date ideas are designed to help you get the most out of your quality time with your partner.  They are meant to be catalysts for communication within and about your relationship.  Since you’re not going to be spending the money to do something extravagant during these dates, use the time to express how the date is making you feel, what you are thinking, and how you are responding to each other.

Cheap Dates in Philly: “Reinvent” dinner and a movie

Instead of going to a fancy five star restaurant and then hitting the megaplex for this weekend’s blockbuster film, try going to your local library and renting a movie, which is typically free or a small fee such as a dollar or two.  Then you can go home and pair it with some take-out or homemade pizza.  This date can take your relationship to a deeper level of intimacy in many ways.  First, is while you are going to the library.  Many neighborhoods have a library within walking distance.  Take the time to walk to and from together and hold hands along the way.  If you’re feeling playful hop over any puddles or play “bread and butter” around the lamp posts (where you let go of each other’s hands, then reunite them).  During that walk, you can talk about tons of stuff like which movie to rent.  This can be an exercise in making compromises.  Consider the scenario where one person likes horror movies and the other wants to see a romantic comedy.  Reconciling this decision will require good communication skills on the part of both members of the couple.  You will have to first listen to each other’s preferences.  What types of movies do they like and why?  What is making them be in the mood for that type of movie tonight?  Is this their favorite type of movie and why?  Are you willing to see the type of move your partner wants, why or why not?  What makes you dislike that type of movie?  Could you stand you watch it for one evening? Then both partners will need to ask themselves: Is there another option? This is where the compromising takes place.  Exploring other options is a compromise in and of itself.  A compromise is when one or both members of a couple defers or changes his or her opinion/need for the sake of the couple. To start making a compromise as yourself: am I willing to experience a new movie tonight? What circumstances (movies in this example) am I not willing to change my stance on?  How important are my wishes compared to what’s best for both of us and this date tonight? If you are the one always conceding: take an opportunity to hold you stance in a firm but respectful manner.  Tell your partner, “I do not like those movies and I don’t want to watch one tonight, but I respect that you like them and we can explore that option another time by starting with something less gruesome.”  On the other hand, if you answered yes to any of the questions regarding his or her preference, then take this opportunity to be the one to bend.  Say to your date: “It’s not necessary we watch a chick flick tonight, I’ll see one with my girlfriends next weekend.  We can check out some mild action movies.”  The key to compromises is flexibility and fairness.

If the movie decision is not an issue for you two as a couple or once it’s resolved and you are on your way back home, another conversation starter that walking can stir up is a discussion of the neighborhood.  Is it mainly apartment buildings or are there row homes, town homes, or big houses spaced far apart?   Which type of house design is your favorite and why?  Which type would you most like to live in and which type would you hate and why?  Do you want a yard or is the sidewalk just fine? Do the two of you currently live together? If not, you can talk about living style such as what’s your most important room in a home? Who does the cleaning and cooking or would you hire someone? Do you like to be cool or warm inside your house? What kinds of furniture do you have/wish to have? Do you decorate for holidays? Use these questions, or some of your own to gently open the pathways of communication and in turn bring about a deeper understanding and thus caring for your partner and your relationship.

Once you get home with the movie, it’s time to talk munchies.  This is another great communication builder and compromise situation.  Do you want dinner or just snacks?  Is it a night for take-out or are you going to cook? Why type of food do you prefer: light healthy meals or greasy fast-food burgers and fries? If you are preparing dinner at home: who is cooking? How much help would that person want from the other?  To reconcile any compromises in this scenario, go about it the same way: have each person discuss his or her opinion.  Listen to each other without interruption.  When both people have expressed how they feel, take a minute to consider both options and bring up any option that falls “in the middle.”  For example if she wants chicken and he wants steak: have combo fajitas which have both! After all the options are laid out on the table, pick and choose which ones you are willing to be flexible on and which ones you are not.  Then make a decision that fulfills as many of both partners’ needs and desires as possible.

After dinner is decided, pop in the movie, grab your grub and plop in front of the couch to relax.  When you’re done eating, snuggle under a blanket and get cozy while you’re watching the movie.  Either during the movie or after it take time to discuss what you liked or didn’t like about it.  What made you feel happy and what made you feel sad? Did you have similar emotions at similar scenes? Were you entertained? Did you learn something new?  All of these questions can generate an intimate conversation with your partner.

Cheap Dates in Philly: Take a “kissing tour” around the city

If you’re looking for a fun, cheap way to spend a boring day with your sweetie, try taking the day and walking around the city, kissing at every “landmark” you go to.  You don’t have to go to any of the “big” landmarks (like the liberty bell or Love Park) but that could be nice too.  You can simply walk around your very own neighborhood and read the plaques on the buildings and make them your own landmarks.  Some places in the city are noted landmarks and many of us don’t even know it.  If you learn something new by reading the signs, talk about it.  What did you learn? Were you shocked that the empty looking building on your corner was an important factory over 100 years ago?  Would you ever want to have a landmark named after you? If so, what and where would it be? After you get some info on the spot you’re at, make it you special spot by sharing a smooch right there.  Explore all the different kisses in your repertoire during your “tour.”  At the liberty bell, share a prim and proper peck, and in Love Park, really get into it with a passionate loving kiss.  At the corner waiting for the light to change, exchange a quick kiss on the check or forehead, just something sweet.  What makes this date fun is that you can pretend to be from out of town and act like a tourist.  For instances, you can have someone take your picture (either kissing or not) at each spot.  To double the fun factor: ham it up in all the pictures.  Make some funny faces, go in for the smooch, do a thumbs up sign or any other silly action shots you can think of. Sharing silly moments together and being able to laugh at yourselves will undoubtedly increase the intimacy and romance in your relationship.  When you are having those fun times together and laughing, everything else will slip away and your brain will only be able to focus on the positive here and now.  Use the opportunity to get in touch with you’re here and now feelings and just have a fun day laughing together.

When you get home talk about what the special moments, the funny times, and the kisses you shared all day on your “tour.”  Which kisses were the most romantic? Which ones felt cheesy?  Did you feel “touristy” at any point today?   How did being a tourist make you feel? Do you appreciate you own city more now?  Do you want to hop right on a plane and continue touring?  What spot/kiss/photo was your most and least favorite and why?  In the next few days get the pictures developed and make a scrapbook?  Don’t worry about perfection here.  Just take the time to put them together in the same fun and lighthearted manner in which you took them.  Go back to the discussion about the kisses and label the pictures: “cheesy moment,” “total tourists,” or “lovey dovey kiss time in Love Park.”  Go with whatever strikes your fancy.  Remember this date is about enjoying a special moment together without any pressure: just having fun and laughing a lot.  Making those memories last longer by creating a visual representation will allow you to access that here and now expression of joy anytime you look at the book!

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