Birth Control

Spermicides And Birth Defects

Can spermicides cause birth defects? False and here is why spermicides and birth defects are not connected.


Implanon (Birth Control) Implanon is a plastic, match-stick sized device implanted into the arm by a health-care practitioner.  Implanon is a progestin-only form of birth control that can be used even if the user cannot use hormonal birth control containing estrogen. Before making any *decisions* talk with your health care provider to determine if implanon […]

Birth Control Shot Philadelphia

The birth control shot, administered by a health care practitioner, is a type of hormonal birth control delivered into the bloodstream through in injection into the arm or buttock. Shots are designed to prevent pregnancy.

Birth Control Pill

Birth Control Pills are a type of hormonal birth control taken orally (by mouth) every day in order to prevent pregnancy.

Birth Control Patch Philadelphia

Birth Control Patch Philadelphia (Ortho-Evra)