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Sex Therapy and Counseling in Philadelphia

sex therapy philadelphia So what exactly is sex therapy? Simply put, sex therapy refers to a therapist discussing sexual problems with a client. Sex therapy is superior to other forms of therapy for sexual problems because se

Orgasm Difficulties

Orgasm Difficulties: Do you have difficulties having an orgasm? Have you been diagnosed with primary anorgasmia, secondary anorgasmia or situational anorgasmia.   Primary Anorgasmia / Pre-orgasmia:

Grief Therapy

Grief Therapy Services in Ocean City NJ, Philadelphia PA, Mechanicsville VA, Santa Fe NM GA and FL: In addition to general issues of grief & loss, we have several therapists whose mission is to wo

How to Find Good Porn

For several people, sex is a desire that naturally builds up over time, and some use pornography to express that sexual desire.  However, not everyone is satisfied with their pornography use; some wa

How to Build Trust With Yourself…

How to build trust with yourself How To Build Trust With Yourself: Take a moment to think about how you build trust with a close friend, significant other, or relative. This might look different for all of us, but there are some qual

Sex After a Breakup

Sex after a break up Sex after a break up: Going through a breakup can be difficult for several reasons.  However, just because a relationship ends does not mean that one’s needs instantly go away.  The person will li

Herpes and Sexual Scripts

If you talk with a physician about having herpes simplex virus (HSV), they would likely tell you that the virus is pretty benign (e.g., skin irritation, physical fatigue).  Yet, so many struggle with

Affirmations Vs. IF-ermations

Affirmations Vs. IF-ermations Have you ever found yourself feeling affirmations aren’t as helpful as everyone claims they are? Do you ever feel affirmations are failed attempts to convince yourself

Reducing Your Guilt with Porn

Though there is some variation, most professionals define pornography as any form of media created with the intent of sexual arousal.  Pornography, or sexually explicit material (SEM), can take the f