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Sex Therapy and Counseling in Philadelphia

sex therapy philadelphia So what exactly is sex therapy? Simply put, sex therapy refers to a therapist discussing sexual problems with a client. Sex therapy is superior to other forms of therapy for sexual problems because

Orgasm Difficulties

Orgasm Difficulties: Do you have difficulties having an orgasm? Have you been diagnosed with primary anorgasmia, secondary anorgasmia or situational anorgasmia.   Primary Anorgasmia / Pre-orgasmia:

Understanding Your Sex Values

Understanding Your Sex Values Why do some sexual desires and practices make us feel good and others make us shrink with shame? Sometimes, this is due to a mismatch between our desires and our beliefs about what is right and wrong

Conflict Resolution Tool: Time Out

Conflict Resolution Tool: Time Out Conflict Resolution Tool - Time Out: Every couple has disagreements. If you are with a partner long enough you are bound to come across something in which you two have opposing views and that’s comp

What is Menopause

What is Menopause? *Please note: for the purpose of this article, “woman/women” refers to individuals who have a body with a uterus, which could include trans and gender non-binary individuals

Treating Menopause

Treating Menopause While most women do not experience significant incapacity from menopause, some do. For women who are distressed, overly uncomfortable, and even disabled by this transition, there

Mood Changes and Menopause

Mood Changes and Menopause: Truth in the Research Historically, the ‘diagnosis’ of menopause has been held responsible for every mood change or unexplained feeling that women experienced throu

Myths About Herpes

         Despite the stigma, a lot of people have some strain of herpes.  Approximately 20% of the population has HSV-2 (herpes simplex virus - type 2) (i.e., genital herpes), while about 80%

 Hot Sex In the Summer

Temperatures keep on climbing as the summer experiences heatwave after heatwave.  The summer heat can affect different parts of life, such as exercise, traveling to work, and AC costs.  However, hig

Assessing Your Sexual Health

What does the term “sexual health” mean to you? You may have heard it used at your doctor’s office, in sex ed, or with potential sexual partners, but have you ever wondered what it really means?

Casual Sex with Herpes

        Whether the diagnosis is recent or old, some people with HSV (herpes simplex virus) may see herpes and casual sex as mutually exclusive.  Because they have HSV-1 or 2, there can be th

Too Many Sexual Partners Challenged

Despite sex-positivity becoming more popular, the stigma of too many sexual partners still exists in the United States.  It doesn’t help that the stigma is so subjective. After all, “too many”