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Pegging is a sexual activity where a woman penetrates a man anally. Anal sex is often a topic that people assume is reserved for homosexual men. Among heterosexual couples, the common assumption a

Training In Human Sexuality

Continuing Education and Post-graduate Training in Human Sexuality If you are a professional, and want to improve your training, here are some programs that offer further study in human sexuality is

Degree Programs

Degree Programs in Sexuality Antioch New England -- Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program. California State University, -- Interdisciplinary Minor in Human Sexuality.  Duke University, -- Prog

International Organizations for Sexual Health

International Organizations for Sexual Health International Organizations Focused on Sexuality British Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozialwissencha

Instructional Sex Sites

Instructional Sex Sites General Sex Positive Sites How To Have Good Sex, Inc. is a site dedicated to teaching adults how to have good sex Coalition for Positive Sexuality i

How To Have An Orgasm

How To Have An Orgasm: Questions to ask yourself Do you masturbate? Many women find it easier to have an orgasm from solo-sex (masturbation), than from two-person sex. Have you ever tried the Jack

Dyspareunia – Painful Sexual Intercourse

Pain Before, During and After Intercourse: It Could Be Dyspareunia    Dyspareunia, is defined as recurrent and persistent genital pain that occurs before, during or after intercourse. This pain can

Foreplaying your Foreplay

You’ve been thinking about sex all day; the last thing you want is another night where you and your partner don’t connect in the way you need. How might you be contributing to creating an evening

Getting the most out of your Sex Therapist

You have the utterly disappointing experience of a sexual dysfunction. Now what? First, go to your primary care physician and rule out any medical issues. Then, once all medical issues have been ruled