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Using Your Strap-On

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Using Your Strap-On (Sex Therapy in Philadelphia) If you don’t yet have a strap-on, consider reading Your First Strap-On to learn more about your options before buying your first strap-on. If you already have a strap-on, keep reading to learn how to maximize comfort and confidence while using your strap-on! By now you’ve chosen your strap-on: […]

So, When Does Venting Turn Into “Trauma Dumping”?

When does venting turn into something we call “trauma dumping”? At what point does our venting turn into something more toxic to those around us? I think most of us could agree that life just gets really hard sometimes and comes with many challenges. Sometimes these challenges leave us wanting extra attention or support from […]

How to Build Trust With Yourself…

How to build trust with yourself

How To Build Trust With Yourself: Take a moment to think about how you build trust with a close friend, significant other, or relative. This might look different for all of us, but there are some qualities we look for in relationships that are quite common. These include loyalty, acceptance, kindness, humor, playfulness, dependability, nurturing, […]

Affirmations Vs. IF-ermations

Affirmations Vs. IF-ermations Have you ever found yourself feeling affirmations aren’t as helpful as everyone claims they are? Do you ever feel affirmations are failed attempts to convince yourself of your own abilities? You might find affirmations are everywhere! They can be found incorporated into internet ads, billboards, bumper sticks, t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, etc… […]

Telephone, Skype, Online Therapy

Telephone Therapy, Virtual Therapy, and On-line Therapy – these are real and effective methods that are revolutionizing the world of psychotherapy (paperwork needed) .  No longer do you have to go to a therapist’s office and talk.  Through the use of technology, you can sit on your own chair in the privacy of your own space […]

Sex Therapy Websites

Sex Therapy Websites http://www.netaddiction.com

Training In Human Sexuality

Continuing Education and Post-graduate Training in Human Sexuality If you are a professional, and want to improve your training, here are some programs that offer further study in human sexuality issues Advocates for youth, Advocates for Youth,  Albert Ellis Institute, Albert Ellis Institute   American Academy of Clinical Sexologists American Academy of Clinical Sexologists American […]

Degree Programs

Degree Programs in Sexuality Antioch New England — Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program. California State University, — Interdisciplinary Minor in Human Sexuality.  Duke University, — Program in the Study of Gender and Sexualities (SXL). An undergraduate certificate is available in this program. Indiana University, — Undergraduate Individualized Major in Human Sexuality — Doctoral Minor in Human […]

International Organizations for Sexual Health

International Organizations for Sexual Health International Organizations Focused on Sexuality British Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozialwissenchaftliche Sexualforschung (DGSS) European Federation of Sexology (EFS) International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Society and Culture International Planned Parenthood Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN) Sociedad Argentina de Sexualidad Humana Tavistock […]

Instructional Sex Sites

Instructional Sex Sites General Sex Positive Sites Howtohavegoodsex.com How To Have Good Sex, Inc. is a site dedicated to teaching adults how to have good sex Coalition for Positive Sexuality is a site dedicated to teaching adolescent and youths how enjoy their sexuality Sexual Health is a site dedicated to sexual health Pole Dancing www.poisedancestudio.net […]

Sex Addiction Treatment and Sex Addiction Recovery in Philadelphia

Sex Addiction Treatment in Philadelphia / Sex Addiction Recovery Articles A collection of sex addiction recovery articles written by different sex therapists at Sex Therapy in Philadelphia.  Our hope is offer people living outside of Philadelphia a way to create their own sex addiction treatment plan to help them recover.  There is no “right” way […]

Masturbation Turning Yourself On

Masturbation turning yourself on exercise

Locate an urologist in the phila

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