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How to get the most out of counseling. This was developed by the staff at Sex Therapy In Philadelphia but could be used with all couples counselors and individual counselors world wide.

How to Pass Human Sexuality Comprehensive Exams

You’ve gotten through your bachelor’s degree and now most of your master’s or doctoral coursework. Now is not the time to try to learn new material. You have to focus on what you already know and enhancing that knowledge as much as possible. Before the test Schedule out your plan for studying Identify how many […]

Making The Call

Making the Decision to Enter Therapy in Philadelphia: Making the call, booking and attending your first therapy appointment can be overwhelming.

Low Fee Therapy

Low Fee Therapy

How To Get The Most Out Of Couples Therapy

How to get the most out of couples therapy: you have made an important choice: to invest in the improvement of your relationship. By developing appropriate expectations and following a few suggestions, your investment in couples therapy can reap great rewards. This document is designed to help you get the most benefit from our work […]

Explanation of Therapist Credentials

Explanation of Therapist Credentials AAC Advanced Addiction Counselor AAMFT American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists AAPC Fellow American Association of Pastoral Counselors- Fellow AASECT American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists ABD “All but Dissertation” = Completed Doctoral Coursework but not the degree ABPP Board Certified Psychologist ACHT Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist AMHCA American Mental […]

International Sexual Health Organizations

International Organizations for Sexual Health

How To Tell Someone You Are In Counseling

How to tell someone you are in counseling at the Center for Growth / Sex Therapy in Philadelphia. Step by step guide.

How To Get The Most Out Of Individual Therapy

How to get the most out of individual therapy at the Center for Growth: you have made an important decision: to invest in yourself so that can become the person you have always wanted to be. By following a few suggestions, you can get the maximum benefit from your work with a therapist in Philadelphia.

How To Choose A Therapist

How to choose a therapist.

How To Become A Sex Therapist

sex therapist philadelphia

The steps of becoming a sex therapist are outlined in this article.

Forced Into Therapy

Feel like you are forced into therapy by a loving partner? Do you feel like your partner is “nagging” you to go to therapy for a problem you don’t believe you have?

Directions To The Center For Growth

Directions to the Center for Growth and Sex Therapy in Philadelphia

Culturally Competent Therapist

How to Seek a Culturally Competent Therapist.