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Are you considering cheaitng on your partner, having a one night stand, having an emotional affair, ? Or has an affair already happened that you have no control over? Now what? Many questions must be running through your mind. Our hope is to help you find a solution that will work for you.

Caught him on Ashley Madison: Now What?

You found your partner’s name linked to the Ashley Madison Site. Now What? The identity of millions of Ashley Madison users have been revealed, which means millions of partners are either reeling from the reveal, questioning whether to look for their partner’s name in the database, and some are simply unaware their partner has been […]

Infidelity and Marriage

Infidelity and Marriage are not two words that are supposed to go together. Working through the affair with your spouse, or alone requires vulnerability, honesty, and an open-ness to making behavioral as well as emotional changes. Change takes time, strength, and reflection.


Cheating Cheating is a common term that is used by lay people. The term cheating is often used synonymously with “illicit affair, infidelity, unfaithful, bamboozle, fool, con, and defraud.”