Masturbation Turning Yourself On

Masturbation turning yourself on:  One of the many benefits of masturbation is that it is something that you have complete control over. There is no need to negotiate with anyone else, but yourself.  You are it. This tip about masturbation turning yourself on was written with women in mind, men may benefit to.

To turn yourself on, start by creating an atmosphere that pleases you.  This might require some advanced planning. Specifically, you may need to create a soundtrack on your ipod of all your favorite music.  Personally, I enjoy music with some get-up-and-go. However, others may prefer gentler, smoother music.  Again, go with your favorites. Today is not a day where you need to do any compromising. This is all about you!  To please your sense of smell, try burning some incense, placing fresh cut flowers around the room, or spraying some of your favorite cologne or perfume around the room. If you are a night creature, close your blinds, shut the doors, and light a few candles around the room.

Start your adventure by getting undressed in front of the mirror.  Do a strip-tease.  Watch yourself.  At first you may feel silly, embarrassed, or awkward. Try to let yourself go. No one is watching, but you. The point of this exercise is to relax and have fun.  As you relax and get more into the moment, try to move to the beat of the music.  Feel yourself.  Are you laughing? Smiling? Or moving uncomfortably? How is each part of your body responding? What types of energy do you feel with the music? What is your body telling you?  As you let the beat of the music take over invite yourself to let the music pull you inward.

Now, close your eyes. Continue doing a strip-tease.  Pay attention to how each  body part moves with the music. What do your hands feel like? Your neck? Your ears? Your knees? Your hips? Say hello to each body part and smile. Encourage yourself to relax and let go a little bit further. This is not a dance contest. This is about turning yourself on.  And an important component of turning yourself on, is learning how to move your body without fear.  Get in touch with yourself and pay attention to what feels good.  You are who you are.  Take a moment and appreciate yourself.

Now, as you are dancing caress yourself.  Touch  your fingertips, your knee caps, your breasts, your abdominal muscles, run your hand through your hair, graze over your pubic hair,  let your hand wander and touch your vulva or your penis.  Do whatever feels natural. What parts of your body do you feel yourself naturally inclined towards? What type of touch looks sexy? What types of touch feel good? Are they the same or different? If you prefer, feel free to watch yourself. Remember this show is for you! Do whatever makes you feel the sexiest. Experiment. You only have yourself to satisfy.  Laughter is OK.

Once you have touched all your body parts — ask yourself which parts you forgot and begin again. If you can honestly say that you touched everything already, then simply touch everything again (hey, you can never touch yourself enough).

Once you have spent time touching your entire body, close your eyes and focus on whatever forms of touch are most arousing to you. Once you have gotten yourself into the groove, open your eyes and again say hello to yourself touching you. This is what you like.

For the More Adventurous Masturbator

Repeat the entire exercise, but this time video-tape yourself.  When you are done, watch it. What is it like to see yourself dance? In what ways do you feel turned on or off by watching yourself?  Is your mind and body in sink with each other?  Afterwards, erase the video-tape. You never know what could happen if the tape got into the wrong hands!