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Digital Stimulation: A How To Guide

Digital Stimulation (otherwise known as fingering): A How To Guide

The Female G-Spot

Learn how to locate and stimulate the female gspot.

Receiving Cunnilingus

Receiving Cunnilingus: first and foremost focus on yourself.

Masturbation Turning Yourself On

Masturbation turning yourself on exercise

How To Pick A Pleasurable Condom

Sex Therapists Tell The Secrets Of How To Pick A Pleasurable Condom Why Pleasurable Condoms are Important Condoms are currently the only way to decrease your risk of getting or passing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during penis-vagina sex, penis-anus sex, oral sex on a penis, or sharing sex toys.  Whether used alone or with a […]

How To Deep Throat

Follow these steps to learn how to deep throat . . .

How to Give a Blow Job

How to give a blow job – oral sex advice from a sex therapist in Philadelphia