Birth Control Patch Philadelphia

Birth Control Patch Philadelphia (Ortho-Evra)

The birth control patch (Ortho-Evra) is designed to prevent pregnancy.  The birth control patch is prevents pregnancy through the use of hormones. Literally, the patch is a small, sticky square and delivers hormones to the body through the skin. Typically the patch is placed on the arm, upper back, buttocks, or hips.

How Long the Birth Control Patch Lasts: Each birth control patch lasts 7 days, and 3 patches should be used over the course of 21 days.  At the end of 21 days, the user will go patch-less, and this is when menstruation will occur for the woman.

Maintenance of the Birth Control Patch:  At the end of 7 days the patch being worn should be removed and a new birth control patch should be placed in a different location on the body.  Although the birth control patch is designed to stay on through regular daily activities (showering, sweating, etc), if a patch falls off, the user should replace it with a new patch as soon as possible.

Patch Specific Concerns: Although all birth control increases the risk for blood clots, the patch has a higher dosage of hormones, and may pose a greater risk than other methods.   Medical questions should be discussed with your doctor.

Effectiveness of the Birth Control Patch: The patch is 99% effective in pregnancy prevention when used correctly.

WARNING: The birth patch does not protect the user from Sexually Transmitted Infections.