Masturbation and Pregnancy

Is It Okay To Masturbate When You Are Pregnant? Yes!

Question: Is masturbation bad for the fetus?

Answer: False.

Masturbation during pregnancy does not hurt the fetus!

Self-stimulation for pregnant women: Learning to listen to ones own body: As you go through pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes. These changes will affect sex drive, sexual responses and your overall energy. Pregnancy is hard work. The physiological changes that a woman’s body undergoes as she carries a fetus to term causes women are tremendous. Women report experiencing: weight gain, exhaustion, insomnia, vivid dreams, queasy stomach, food cravings, sensitivity to smells, increased or decreased chronic pain and forgetfulness.

One of the best ways to survive pregnancy is to relax into the natural changes. If you are tired, sleep. If you feel hungry eat. Similarly in the bedroom, listen to your body. There will be times where you do not want to be touched. Your breasts hurt, you are exhausted or feeling sick to your stomach, or maybe you simply feel vaginal dryness no matter what type of sexual stimulation you are experiencing. Other times you might experience cravings for intimacy and / or sexual stimulation. The increased blood flow can cause you to experience genital stimulation, furthermore, you body may be producing increased amounts of vaginal discharge. Your body is powerful, trust it. Throughout pregnancy your body will know exactly what to do, even when you don’t. Thus, the most important concept for you to follow is to learn to listen to your body.

One way to learn more about your body is through self-stimulation. Self-stimulation puts you in charge.

Self-stimulation for pregnant women: Learning to listen to ones own body:

  • Look in the mirror. What images comes to mind? What do you like best about your evolving body? Look at your growing belly. Pay attention to the life-force that you are bringing into this world. What does it feel like? Focus on your breasts, what changes do you notice? Can you imagine their functionality along with their sex appeal? Look at your vagina, what changes do you notice? How does it feel? What types of touch are you craving?
  • Take the times and caress your breasts. How do they feel? In what ways do you like to be touched now that they are bigger and getting ready for baby? Try stimulating your nipples. Notice the change in color and size. What ways do you like being touched? If you are in a very experimental mood try touching yourself with a feather, an ice-cube or a warm wash clothe. Notice the differences in sensations.
  • Explore your vagina. Pay attention to whether or not you are wet or dry. Depending upon where you are at during your pregnancy you may experience unusual wetness or dryness. If you find yourself excessively dry we strongly encourage you to use some oil. This will help create a relaxing / stimulating sensation. Touch your inner and outer lips. Pay special attention to their changing sizes as your entire vagina gets ready for the pending birth of your fetus. Do you prefer soft or hard touches? Use short and long touches, which feels better?

With your new found knowledge, imagine sharing with your partner all of the different thoughts that you have had about your body, your sexual images, your sexual fantasies. Imagine inviting your partner into your private world and teach him about yourself.

Remember, there will be times during pregnancy where you will have no desire to be touched. Your moods / sexual desires can change radically within a short period of time. It is your job to take advantage of the fleeting opportunities when you have the chance. This is true for self – stimulation and for sexual intimacy with a lover. No one but you will know when you are in the mood or not. If touch is something that you value, then you may need to take the lead with self and others about when, where and how you desire to be touched.