How To Masturbate

How to Masturbate: For Women There is no one right way for how to masturbate.  If it feels good, and no one is getting hurt, than it’s the perfect way.  However, if you are in the mood to learn how others might masturbate, or some new and interesting techniques to add to your current selection keep reading.   How to masturbate:

  • Set the atmosphere: dim the lights, have soft music playing in the background, put satin sheets on your bed, wear something sexy, light candles, burn incense or place freshly cut flowers in your room.
  • Lay in the bathtub naked with the facet pouring water onto the tip of the breasts. Do your nipples feel aroused? Try letting the water drip or pour onto your clitoris. Some women report that the constant sensation of water on their clitoris causes them to experience an orgasm.
  • Kegel throughout the whole time you are touching yourself.
  • Read an erotic magazine or book while stimulating yourself. Engaging your brain in the idea of sex can be half the battle. Simply thinking sexy thoughts can increase ones arousal.  If reading is too distracting, try watching pornography or creating a sexual fantasy in your head that you can participate in.  Sometimes imagining someone else touching you is exciting. This way you can control exactly how you are touched. If you are trouble figuring out  how to enjoy porn
  • Start by lightly touching your toes and work your way up all the way to your finger tips, explore your entire body.  Once you are warmed up, rub some oil into your skin. This time use hard rough touch, then slow and soft.  Note the way your different body parts react to the stimulation. Linger on the areas that feel best.  Note which areas you are drawn towards. Try to spend a little bit of extra time on areas you don’t normally focus on. This may be your chin, fingernails, knee caps, abdominal area.  Let your hands run through your hair.  Feel yourself.  Try sucking on your own fingers while touching yourself.
  • When you reach your vulva explore the mons pubis, your out lips, inner lips, the vaginal opening and the clitoris. Start with a gentle touch.  After 10 minutes, try using a firmer faster tough.  Try gently pulling or pushing the skin around, rub your fingers side-ways, up and down. Pay close attention to the different sensations. Experiment with all different types of touch.  With your other hand, try placing a dildo in your vagina or, use a finger.  Once your finger (or dildo) is inside of you, press your bladder with the other hand. Some people really like this form of stimulation.  Others hate it.  Again, experiment and see what feels good.
  • Run a vibrator along the inside of your legs, massage your clitoris with it. Penetrate your vagina with the vibrator. Turn the vibrator on high. With the vibrator resting inside of you, touch your clitoris.
  • Put a butt plug in your anus, while the vibrator is in you and masturbate. Mix and match.
  • Squeeze your inner thigh muscles inwards, while imagining your knees pointing outward. This increases the tightness of the vaginal canal. Many women that this technique increases their stimulation.
  • Use a butt plug and repeat all of the above sexual activities.  If comfortable, try moving the butt plug in and out and experience the sensations. What do you like about it? How is the sensation different than simply touching yourself with your fingers?
  • Another way to vulva (V)
  • If you are having trouble staying focused and in the moment, follow this tip to learn more(MS)