Is sex harmful during pregnancy?

Question:  Is sex harmful during pregnancy?

Answer: In general this is false.

However, if the pregnant woman has an increased risk for miscarriage, placenta previa or a very low-lying placenta, a history of preterm birth, premature labor, unexplained vaginal bleeding or discharge,  abdominal cramping, dilated cervix, ruptured membranes, unhealed herpes lesion in either partner, pain with intercourse your obstetrician might recommend avoiding intercourse during pregnancy.  To my understanding, most of the above conditions contra-indicate sex during pregnancy due to theoretical reasoning as opposed to ‘evidenced’ based research.  The primary obstacle to definitively knowing the ‘right’ answer is that no one is wants to do a study that could place the unborn fetus at risk.  Thus, if you or your partner have any of the above conditions it might make sense to “play it safe.” Before taking any course of action, to make an informed decision,  I strongly encourage you to consult your obstetrician/midwife.

This tip was developed for Sex Therapy in Philadelphia / the Center for Growth, inc