Sex Pregnancy Quiz

How much do you know about sex and pregnancy? Take the Sex Pregnancy Quiz and find out.

All answers to the sex pregnancy quiz are true or false.  Answers will be explained. We want you to get 100% or at least to learn from this experience.

  1. Sex can be harmful during pregnancy ANSWER
  2. Intercourse could hurt the baby ANSWER
  3. Intercourse could cause miscarriage ANSWER
  4. The baby somehow “knows” that sex is taking place ANSWER
  5. Intercourse will cause discomfort or pain for the pregnant woman ANSWER
  6. High risk pregnancies need to be more cautious than other women ANSWER
  7. Orgasms cause premature labor ANSWER
  8. Spermicides cause birth defects ANSWER
  9. I am not sexy ANSWER
  10. Breast stimulation will hurt the breast milk ANSWER
  11. Masturbation is bad for the baby ANSWER
  12. There is nothing a man can do to give a wife sexual pleasure ANSWER
  13. Since we can not have intercourse- we can not have any kind of sex ANSWER
  14. The partner should be allowed to have sex with other women because she can not ‘put out’ ANSWER
  15. Once the baby is born sex will go back to normal ANSWER

Score sheet:

  • If you got more than 13 questions correct, CONGRATULATIONS. You have passed the Sex Pregnancy Quiz with flying colors.  Consider yourself knowledgeable about sex and pregnancy.
  • If you got less than 10 questions right, consider yourself to be at the right website.  Our website Sex Therapy in Philadelphia was designed to help people like yourself gather accurate information about sex and pregnancy.
  • Regardless of the number of correct or incorrect ANSWER’s, if you have further medical questions, please contact your obstetrician for further clarification about the ways in which sex could be impacting your pregnancy. Similarly, if you have mental health questions and you live in Philadelphia, or are willing to travel to Philadelphia, feel free to call us. Help is available.