Sex & Pregnancy – The Right Tools and Support

Sex & Pregnancy – The Right Tools and Support

In order to have good sex, the pregnant couple needs to accomplish three things

  1. Couples must learn how to approach sex.
  2. Couples must have accurate information.
  3. Couples must must possess the technical knowledge required to have good sex.

What exactly is meant by “how to approach sex” ?  What I am referencing is the idea that couples must have the right attitude about sex.  The right attitude consists of viewing the woman as pregnant, not sick.  Second,  going through pregnancy and parenthood is easier if the couple has the support of family and friends.  If the couple, or if the woman is alone in the world, now is the time to start building a support network.  Third, the couple needs to recognize that it is time to grow up, and assume some responsibilities in life. The couple is about to bring a child into this world who will need them like no other person in this world has ever needed them.

The next thing  couples need is accurate information.  Accurate information will help them know what to expect and what to do.  I think of this concept as “the plumbing of sex” or the “the mechanics perspective of having a child”.  It is very factual.  After conception, a woman is pregnant for 9 months, etc.

Lastly couples need to know, or shall I say remember, that before they embarked upon this journey into parenthood they were lovers first and foremost.  Parenthood is merely one more facet of their relationship. One does not trump the other.  The right tools help you to survive.