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When is the ideal time to have a baby as a couple?

In determining the ideal time to have a baby, there are many aspects of life to explore and discuss. If no answer jumps out right away, then it’s important to keep having these discussions because you will notice over time and depending on what’s going on with your life at the time, you’re answers (and […]

Being pregnant when no one knows

Being pregnant when no one knows. Congratulations! Let us be the first to rejoice with you. Keeping you’re pregnancy a secret for the time being can be bittersweet, and even a struggle for many.

Sex & Pregnancy – The Right Tools and Support

Sex & Pregnancy – The Right Tools and Support

Perinatal Depression Quiz

Take the perinatal depression quiz developed at the Center for Growth / Sex Therapy in Philadelphia to determine what type of depression you have.


Implanon (Birth Control) Implanon is a plastic, match-stick sized device implanted into the arm by a health-care practitioner.  Implanon is a progestin-only form of birth control that can be used even if the user cannot use hormonal birth control containing estrogen. Before making any *decisions* talk with your health care provider to determine if implanon […]

Fertility Problems

Easy steps to take to decrease the risk of fertility problems.