Pregnancy – An Opportunity To Learn How To Have Better Sex

Pregnancy as an OPPORTUNITY to learn how to have better sex with your spouse.  While the reality of pregnancy for many women is miserable. They feel sick, tired, bloated, fat, etc.  Pregnancy can also be a time period of joy.  For many, pregnancy is a period of dreams and hopes.  Couples are in the transition period to parenthood.  They are creating their own mini-family. It is a period of dreams – what life will look like, and in the bedroom it can be an opportunity to re-discover each others body because every day the woman literally has a new body. Her likes and dislikes might radically shift as her body undergoes this transformation.

Historically, women are not as good as men at knowing their own bodies, thus it has been for men to struggle on their own to figure out what works with a woman or doesn’t and then to share this information with her.  With the pregnancy changing a woman’s likes and dislikes sometimes on a minute to minute basis, she has the perfect excuse (or need) to be more direct about her ever changing sexual needs.  Without the woman’s guidance, even the best lover will fail.  To simply function, never mind learn how to have  better sex  COMMUNICATION is NECESSARY.  Some days you are simply too ill to have sex, other days, all your old positions won’t work because your stomache is in the way.  Thus, in addition to pregnancy representing all the hopes and dreams parenthood and marriage, pregnancy can be seen as an opportunity for the woman to develop sexual communication skills that might not otherwise happen.  Additionally, under the pretense of “pregnancy” she can finally tell her partner her true dislikes and dislikes.  Due to the ever present physical reminder of the pending baby, a lover is typically more aware / sensitive to the idea that your body is being taken over and as a result may need to ask some questions that otherwise might be overlooked. And if nothing else, pregnancy is a good excuse to experiment with different intercourse positions.