Information About Sex And Pregnancy

Information about sex and pregnancy: Talking about sex has become a mainstream concept. Many media sources have devoted time to discussing sexuality. Never the less, there is little information about how sex relates to pregnancy.  There is very little data in the medical literature about sex and sexuality and pregnancy. In fact, if one does a search for the phrase sex and pregnancy in ACOG the first relevant article is number 53 on the rank list.  The article which is listed is a patient pamphlet for fathers to be.  In that pamphlet there are 2-3 general paragraphs on sexual intercourse and pregnancy.

What the medical literature does offer is an analysis of specific issues with respect to pregnancy, like: Pre-term labor, ecaplamsia, and other medical conditions. Even this data is limited in it’s scope because they tend to be retrospective in nature, and they have a relatively small sample size.

Because the the medical literature does not adequately address the subjects of sex, sexuality and pregnancy, most people must rely on the following types of people to have their questions answered.

  • Obstetrician
  • Family member (parents, siblings, other relative)
  • Friends
  • Popular media (TV, Movies, Magazines)
  • Library
  • Internet
  • Spiritual counselor (Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Church counselor)
  • Therapist or Psychiatrist  Directory

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