Medical Problems and Sex

Medical Problems and Sex: Health and sexuality often go hand-and-hand. Sex is a physical activity. Not surprisingly medical problems often have a direct impact on a person’s sex life.  Similarly sexual problems can often be an early indication that something is wrong medically.

Sex therapy is extremely helpful in a) teaching you how to be the best lover and get the most out of sex. We are trained in how to address the emotional issues, but the technical aspects of sex.  In some regards, we are very much like a swim coach teaching you which muscles utilize and when — focusing on the form.  2) teaching you how to live with your real limitations and still become the best lover possible and get the most out of sex.  We can teach you how to maximize what you have.

In addition to meeting with us, we at Sex Therapy in Philadelphia / Center for Growth strongly recommend scheduling a meeting with your gynecologist / urologist to address any underlying medical issues.

Medical Problems and Sex

  • Maybe you are pregnant and feeling sick and don’t know it and simply think you have lost your sexual desire.
  • Maybe you have early stages of diabetes and that is what is causing you to have difficulty getting and maintain an erection.

Most people at some point in their life will have to grapple with some type of medical problem and most people continue to be sexual being! Having a medical condition can be considered (in a backwards sort of way) something positive because it forces couples to work together that previously might have felt too uncomfortable.


Common Medical Problems and Sex

-Diabetes (diabetes impacts blood flow, and erections in both men and women are depended upon blood flow)

– Back injuries (laying down or sitting up may be uncomfortable, thus impacting the best sex positions)

– Chronic pain (pain can be distracting from sexual pleasure)

– Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (shortness of breath)

– Menopause (decrease in lubrication) we debated including menopause into this category because it’s part of the normal aging process, but we included it because it does have an impact on sexual functioning)

– Heart attacks (fear of exerting oneself — which sex does can cause a person to have decreased sexual desire)

– High blood pressure (causes changes in blood vessels which can cause men to experience and erectile dysfunction)