Vibrators for Men

Vibrators for Men –  many people think of vibrators as being a sex toy for women. However, men can also receive pleasure from using vibrators either through masturbation, partnered sex, or both. This tip outlines some suggestions for how men can use vibrators during sexual activity. Using a vibrator along with other types of sexual stimulation (hand jobs, blow jobs, masturbation) significantly increases your sexual pleasure and as a result can give you a stronger orgasm.

Vibrators for men come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some resemble a penis, some are marketed especially for women, and some look more basic in that they don’t resemble a penis at all. You don’t even have to look for vibrators in a sex shop. You often can find items at Brookstone or Bed, Bath, and Beyond that are labeled massagers. They can be small or large, but the important part is that they vibrate. These function equally as well and sometimes even better as items labeled as sex toys.

Purchase a vibrator for men that is comfortable to you (or borrow your partners’) and give these suggestions a try. Any of these suggestions can be tried alone or during partnered sex.

  • While you are masturbating, (or being given a hand job by your partner), turn on the vibrator and place it against the very tip of your penis. Many men find the tip of their penis, especially the underside of the tip, to be very sensitive and as a result produce pleasurable sensations when stimulated with a vibrator.
  • While you are masturbating (or being given a hand job or blow job by your partner), place the vibrator underneath your balls. The vibrator will stimulate the nerves in the balls and in the perineum, which is the area between the balls and the anus. Or try placing the vibrator above the balls at the base of the penis. Some men find that pleasurable as well.
  • If you are a man who enjoys getting your nipples touched, sucked, bit, twisted, etc., you may find that using the vibrator against your nipples will increase you pleasure from a hand job or blow job alone. If you know that you do not enjoy having your nipples touched or don’t really get much pleasure at all from having them touched, this suggestion may not be for you. But if you are not sure, give it a shot.
  • Vibrators can also be used for anal stimulation. Many people associate anal sex of any kind or anal stimulation with being gay, but many straight men and women enjoy it too. There are two ways that you can try anal stimulation with a vibrator. One way it to use the tip of the vibrator to stimulate the outside of your anus while you are touching yourself, or receiving a hand job or blowjob. A second way is to insert the vibrator into your anus. Again, this can be done while receiving a hand job or blowjob or while you are touching yourself. If you choose to insert the vibrator into your anus, make sure that you use some lube to increase your comfort and sensation. Remember to clean your vibrator with soap and water after you are done. Vibrators can be a great addition to sex for both men and women.

Try these tips onvibrators for men and also experiment on your own. You never know what new pleasurable things you may discover.