for those of you who believe that their sex life is getting stale and think that you have done it all, keep reading. Tonight, is Erotica time / story time . . . . Therefore, sometime during the day, take your favorite erotica book and hide it under your pillow. If you have never read any erotica before, you may want to try Ruby Fruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown. This is an erotic lesbian smut book which is tastefully done. Another favorite is My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday. This is a collection of women’s sexual fantasies. And as you can imagine, sexual fantasies, regardless of whether or not they ever happen can be quite arousing.

Now tonight, with or without your partner’s knowledge you should find a way for the two of you to slip into bed at least forty-five minutes before your typical bedtime. Once in bed, slip your hand under the pillow and grab the carefully placed book. Then either ask your partner to read out-loud to you, or you can read out loud to your partner. The purpose of tonight’s reading is not to end up having wild mad passionate sex, but rather a way to begin to add new elements to your sex life. Try using the reading as a way to get comfortable enjoying something erotic together. Do these books/stories excite you? What idea’s did you gleam from them? Which ones would you want to try? Try sharing with your partner your thoughts about what the characters did. Is there something that they did that you always wanted to try, but were too afraid to ask for? What are your sexual fantasies?

Again, make tonight story time. Again, pull the erotic book out from under the pillow. But this time, allow the words in the books to fully arouse you. Let your hands wander and touch your partner as she/he reads/listens. Mid-story, stop reading and start calling your partner by one of the character names in the books. Let yourself slip into character and finish the story in a way that makes sense to the two of you. This game is very similar to the games that 5 year olds play when they watch cartoons and they assume the roles of their favorite character, or they play house, or doctor or even cowboys and Indians. Allow the kid in you to emerge and play. Play like a little kid and let the erotic stories guide you.

Developed for Sex Therapy in Philadelphia / the Center for Growth