How To Do A Strip Tease

How to do a strip tease; created by a sexpert in Philly

How to do a strip tease for your partner Have you been wanting to surprise your partner with something just a little out of the ordinary, like a striptease but have never done one before? Not to worry, a striptease is intended to be fun and playful for both of you. If you are looking for ways to perform an authentic and fun striptease, while remaining comfortable and confident, then keep reading.

The Strip Tease Attire This area can be tricky for many. It is easy to get caught up with what you see in the media, and display windows when it comes to sexy lingerie, but if you think you would feel totally out of place and uncomfortable in leather getup, or a corset, then its not for you, (at least for now). Maybe that’s a level you want to work your way up to. While in your earlier stages of trying a striptease stay closer to your comfort zone. Being able to identify and stay within your boundaries, will help you feel safe and comfortable with trying something just a little out of your ordinary. When setting a new goal for yourself, or trying something new, it’s important to give yourself feasible goals to reach for. If you  have not yet performed a striptease ever before, you are already challenging yourself. By allowing yourself to feel comfortable during this striptease, it will enable you to actually follow through with this new activity. You also want to consider the type of material you are wearing, try and avoid anything with glitter, or scratchy uncomfortable materials; stick to soft, smooth materials. If you are looking to make use of clothes you already have, but want to make them a little sexier, try something like a button down shirt, with a pair of lacy boy shorts, or a thong of your choosing. You may be thinking, “how boring is a button down?” This is true, but it’s not boring when you have a sheer bra, a lace camisole, or whatever your choosing to surprise your partner with under the button down. Whether you choose a button down or a silk nighty, the key is to pick clothing that you not only feel hot and confident in, but things that you can play and toy around with. You want things that you can make an event out of, whether it’s taking a long time to undo each button of a shirt, or unzipping the side zipper of your dress as slow as you possibly can, or taking time to unlace/untie clothing while you lock eyes with your partner the entire time. Choose clothes that will boost your confidence, and also clothes that you know you can move around in, and out of easily. Confidence is a sexy and appealing, therefore the more confident and comfortable you feel about yourself during the striptease, the more you’re partner will be able to see this. Your partner, in turn will also feel more confident and comfortable with the striptease. Anxiety is not sexy, and if you’re at all anxious or uncomfortable, your partner will also become anxious and uncomfortable. The right clothing will be different for each person, whether you choose high heels, a nightie, or sexy boots, etc. Keep in mind, the amount of layers you start with is up to you, it’s not like you have to start in a burcha and work your way down. It’s not about how many layers you have to take off, it’s what you do with the layers you have. It is recommended to wear stilettos. Stilettos is the most classic and the most recognizable prop when performing a striptease. If you are in your bedroom and you’re preparing to strip for your partner, whether you’re wearing sweatpants or a ratty t-shirt, if you are wearing high sexy stilettos, this is a clear indication of what’s about to happen. As important as it is to be comfortable with yourself during your striptease, it’s also important to feel sexy! Stilettos will elongate your legs, and give you the sense of sexiness that you will need to get the gusto and actually do this!

The Strip Tease Atmosphere Set out your favorite scented candles, dim the lights, and pick where you are most comfortable performing your striptease (bedroom, living room couch, etc. ). This is to set the desired tone for the evening. If you’re goal is to have a relaxed and calm, yet fun night ahead, setting up the little details can help indicate that ideal pace. Pick out your music, or song you want to dance to ahead of time; pick something that has a slower tempo something that you can take your clothes off to, but also make sure it’s not too slow. When choosing your music, make sure to select something you can move to, and something you enjoy.

The Strip Tease Tease Tease! Once you have chosen where to strip, and you have dimmed the lights and put on the music, sit your partner down, and make sure she/he is completely nude. Remember the saying “when you’re nervous, picture everyone around you naked?” Having your partner naked for the striptease is to help you feel less nervous, and help balance things out just a bit. This will level the playing field for you, and also help make the striptease just a little hotter. Plus, having your partner naked may be appealing to you, and just the motivation you need strip.

As mentioned before, it’s not about what you are wearing, it’s about how you are wearing it, and how you choose to take it off. The word “tease” is in “striptease” for a reason. So keep in mind, every time you begin to remove a piece of clothing, make it look sensual, sneaky, play with the idea of taking the item off for a while, start, then stop, and then start again.

This may be new for you, and maybe even out of your comfort zone. It is understandable if you have a bit of nerves going into this for the first time. You may have some anxiety over being the center of attention, or concerned about showing so much skin as the main focus. If you are experiencing some self-confidence issues around your body, it’s okay. It can be intimidating and anxiety producing having so much focus on your body parts. If this applies to you, it is important you pick a striptease outfit that accentuates what you believe your best physical traits are, focus on what you like the most about your body and flaunt it like you’ve never flaunted it before.

It’s normal to experience anxiety when you’re doing something new for the first time, because you have never done it before, you don’t know what to expect, or even what it will look like, and this is especially true when performing your first striptease. If you start to get distracted by your nerves during the dance, always bring your focus back to what’s going on in the moment, what’s turning you on? Take pride in the fact that you are stepping up and putting yourself out there. Follow the phrase, “Fake it till you make it.” When you begin your striptease/dance, start with confidence, even if you don’t feel it just yet. Remember, this is meant to be fun for all involved. Who knows, you might end up actually having fun!

Here are a few concrete steps to utilize in a strip tease:

  • Start with your gloves, if you are wearing them, take each one off one by one, starting at the top of the glove on the arm, play with the inside of the material for a second, then oh so slowly bring the glove down lower and lower until it’s completely off. Take time in between each item, stroke your glove-less arm with your other hand, then begin to remove the second glove.
  • Run your hands through your hair, take your fingertips and stroke downwards, from the neck all the way down your chest, then stomach.
  • Turn around with your butt facing him, bend down, and play around, flip your hair up and play with it, lift the bottom of your dress, or tease with the tip of your underwear line showing just a hint of your bare ass. While still turned away from your partner, take off your top as fast or as slow as you want, don’t forget to tease, and whatever you still have on under your top, leave it on (for now). Take your time before making your next move, dance, move your hips, play with the top you took off, tease your partner with it, rub in on your skin, then rub it on theirs.
  • Once you’re down to your bra and undies (yes, keep the stilettos on) start to take your bottoms off, try and do this in one full motion: take both hands each hand holding one side of your underwear, pull them down to your ankles, then slowly and seductively step out of the undies, one side at a time.
  • As you continue to dance, move closer to your partner (slowly, slowly!) all while ever so subtly you take off your bra, gently drop the bra in the space between your partner’s legs, give him/her a sensual, slow kiss. Step back again, dance and play around some more, as long as you’re comfortable. If you’re struggling with your dance moves, whichever part of the body you are moving at that moment, just try and keep to the beat of the song that’s playing. For example, take turns moving/sticking your right hip out to the right, then switch to sticking your left hip out to the left. When you are doing this, try to make these movements soft; try not to jerk your hip to the right and to the left, find your grove in moving your right side gently then your left side while following the general rhythm of the song. While you are moving your hips back and forth, you may notice your shoulders are moving a bit too, let your shoulders get into it too! When moving your right hip, you should feel your right shoulder want to roll back a little bit, while your left shoulder comes more forward, toward your body, let this happen, then rotate the direction of your shoulders when you go back to your left hip. What to do with your arms? Keep arms half bent, at your waist, and go ahead and move them according to the rhythm as well; go ahead and raise your arms high past your head, or motion your arms to point at your partner, or if you feel safer with them half bent and just lightly moving, then go for it. You can even put your arms by your side and slightly behind your back to give your partner a good view of your breasts while mid-dancing. During this, your legs naturally bend in response to the rest of your body getting a workout, with your legs bent and with the beat of the song, dance around the room, away from your partner so he/she can get a good look at you, then get flirty and dance around your partner.
  • How long to keep going is entirely up to you. If you have entertained and stripped for your partner to the point of nakedness, it’s safe to say you have done your job. How to end at this point is also optional. Likely, your partner is completely turned on at this point, and if you are too, go ahead and jump your partner already, you’re both naked and ready!
  • If you’d rather just quit while you’re ahead, and don’t want to even think ahead to sex just yet, then end your dance by grabbing your partner to join you in a quickly dance together, move around with your partner to the music, allow each other to touch and gently grab each other’s ass, arm, whatever touching you want. Most likely your partner will have a bit of built up tension from all of the looking and no touching during the striptease, moving around and holding each other to one of your striptease songs will be a great way to reconnect in touching, while subtly putting a close to your first striptease.

These instructions can either be used as specific as you’d like, but are also open for interpretation. When it comes down to actually performing your own striptease, take the advice and tips that you like, but also when in the moment follow your instincts. That is the key to making your striptease authentic and yours.

If this is the first time you’ve ever done the striptease, and in the end you can say you genuinely put effort into your routine, you dressed up, you picked out your song, etc. give yourself some credit, and don’t be too self-critical. Your partner, will likely do the same, and will go easy on you. The fact that you went out of your comfort zone, and tried something new not just for yourself but for you partner will earn you brownie points. This is the first time you have ever done this, yes there will likely be a bump or two because it’s new, and no it won’t look like how it’s done in the movies. That’s okay, because this is your very own striptease; it’s authentic, real, and you should be proud. Don’t forget, practice makes perfect; if at first you don’t succeed, just go ahead and strip again, and then again some more.