Essure (Sterilization, Female)

Essure is a non-reversible form of birth control (sterilization) where a health-care practitioner places a plastic insert into each fallopian tube. Essure implantation is non-surgical, can be done without anesthesia, and can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. After implantation, it takes 3 months for Essure to completely block the fallopian tube, and a back-up form of birth control should be used to prevent pregnancy. As Essure does not contain hormones, periods should continue along their regular cycle.

Note: Essure does not protect the user from Sexually Transmitted Infections

* This form of birth control is not right for everyone. Once you have made the decision to become sterilized, you can not later choose to become pregnant. This form of birth control is permanent. Typically, this form of birth control is only recommended for people who already have children.