Samantha Eisenberg, LCSW, MSW, MEd, LMT,

Samantha Eisenberg Marriage Counselor and Sex Therapist

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Samantha Eisenberg, LCSW, MSW, MEd, LMT, is a licensed social worker in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia.  She earned a Masters of Social Work and a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University, and a Bachelors of Psychology at Goucher College. 

Samantha is a sex positive, feminist, holistic therapist who uses a harm reduction, integrative, strengths-based, collaborative approach in sessions to help clients identify the issues they find most important to explore, cultivate self-awareness and identify existing positive coping skills and supports, while using several techniques to tackle multiple sides of an issue. When working with individual clients, Samantha uses psychodynamic and relational therapies to explore blockages and roots of negative and unhelpful thinking and uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help shift those thoughts and behaviors to facilitate more happiness and personal efficacy. With couples, Samantha uses emotionally-focused therapy to help couples identify and express the more difficult, underlying emotions to get past a state of reactivity, blame and defensiveness. Samantha will help couples use healthy communication skills and learn more effective methods for problem solving that will allow both partners to feel seen, heard and validated. Additionally, Samantha uses behavioral techniques to help clients overcome issues of intimacy and sexual functioning. She has an interest in spirituality and tantric sexual practices as well, which can help facilitate passion and intimacy with interested individuals and couples.

Samantha believes everyone deserves to experience safe and consensual physical pleasure, emotional wellbeing, spiritual bliss, personal joy and fulfillment, and intimate, fun and fulfilling relationships. She knows that the guidance, validation, and support of a professional can help clients actualize their greatest potential as individuals and part of a team within a relationship. She would be honored to facilitate this for her clients. 

Prior to joining Sex Therapy in Philadelphia, Samantha spent the last three years treating adults and children in an agency setting in Philadelphia and has experience working with individuals, couples, and families. She has treated clients with general mental health issues like anxiety and depression, as well as sexuality and relationship based issues like erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm, pain during sex, lack of intimacy and passion or challenges with communication, polyamory and opening up a relationship, infidelity, kink and BDSM, gender roles, sexual orientation and gender identify.   

Before studying to do talk therapy, Samantha produced music  and practiced for four years as a licensed massage therapist where she learned about how the body stores pain, how to release it, and how the emotional and physical body are interconnected. She has used this to help clients with pain conditions implement stretches, self soothe with deep breathing, and gain a greater awareness of how stress and mental health issues impact the body.

NPI: 1598301822
PA License CW021621
VA License 0904014245
NJ License:44SC05993700

Cell Phone: 267-428-2615

Samantha works virtually in Pennsylvania,  New Jersey & Virginia