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Accepting Your Own Limitations

Accepting your own limitations - Is your relationship worth saving? While most people will have an opinion about whether you and your partner should stay together, ultimately, the answer to that quest

Kissing Tune Up

Kissing Tune Up - developed by a sex therapist Did your partner confirm your worst  fear? Your style of kissing does not make his or her bells and whistles go off.  Congratulations for figuring i

101 Anal Sex Guide

101 Anal Sex Guide: Center City therapists teach clients how to have better sex Are you curious about anal sex, but not sure where to begin?  Then keep reading. We have put together a 101 Anal Sex H

Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (EDP)

Important Concepts for Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (EDP):  What to Expect From a Therapist at The Center for Growth / Sex Therapy in Philadelphia  Using EDP Techniques: The therapist

Taking Control of Pelvic Pain

Taking Control Of Pelvic Pain: What is the pelvic floor? The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that form a hammock like sling from the pubic bone to the tailbone. These muscles play an important ro

Vibrators for Men

Vibrators for Men -  many people think of vibrators as being a sex toy for women. However, men can also receive pleasure from using vibrators either through masturbation, partnered sex, or both. This


Single being single is a relationship style where a person is sexually and/or romantically unattached. Various Meanings Although the term ‘single’ may be interpreted as someone who is comple

Traditional Monogamy

Counseling and Therapy in Philadelphia Traditional monogamy is when two people who have never been romantically or sexually involved with anyone else previously remain sexually/romantically faithfu