Confidence Boost

Need a Quick Confidence Boost? Try a Mantra

How to boost your self-confidence in just a few minutes: If you’re just about to go into an important meeting, give the biggest presentation of your life, or are just having one of those days a mantra is a great way to make the jitters, and butterflies simply fade away.

So what is a mantra? A Mantra is a word or a statement that is repeated over and over again so the person saying it can take its message and create a change in his or her well being (ie. confidence boost).  It is best to choose a mantra that is positively stated.  The mantra should be about something you want to achieve such as a goal. When you have goal in mind, pick a mantra that pertains to a piece of that goal to help you keep your focus.  Then change up the mantra as you progress towards you goal.  For example if your goal is to run a marathon you could start with a mantra such as “Keep going.” However, a mantra can also be used to change your mood.  If you want to calm down during a nervous situation use a mantra that is soothing, for example “Just Breathe.”  On the other hand, if you want to become more upbeat, use a word or statement that represents the positive mood you are striving for such as, “Happiness.”

Once you pick your mantra there are many ways you can use it throughout your day to maximize your confidence boost..  Let’s take the example of “Keep going” and expand on it.  For starters, keep a visual representation of the mantra in a place you will see it when you wake up in the morning, throughout the day, and when you are relaxing at night.  You can take a post-it and stick the mantra on your bathroom mirror then repeat it in your head as you brush your teeth.  Other places to keep the mantra are the visor or steering wheel of your car, save it as the screen saver on your computer, or set it as the background on your cell phone.  A fun trick to use, especially if you have kids, is to take colored magnetic letters and spell your mantra out on the refrigerator.  Another way to keep it from getting monotonous is to change the tone or rhythm of the mantra.  Try replacing the words to your favorite song with it, or simply adding a word to it.  In our example, “Keep going” can be changed into “Just keep going” or “Keep going strong.”  Lastly, share your mantra with a friend, co-worker, or loved one.  Tell them your goal and explain how the mantra is keeping you on task.  If you send a lot of e-mails, you can add the mantra as a p.s. note after you sign your name.  Or if you prefer handwritten messages, write it as the heading on your stationary.  If you start to feel stuck with the mantra you have picked, your friend may have suggestions for how you can change it or find a new one.  Your own personal trick for a confidence boost will probably brighten their day too!