Communication Problems

Communication Problems

A collection of articles designed to improve communication problems.  Brought to your by relationship therapists at the Center for Growth / Sex Therapy in Philadelphia.  All of these tips & exercises are designed for you to practice at home.  This can be done on your own, or as exercises to support your couples therapy that you are actively engaged in.

Tips on Developing  Relationship Communication Skills



How To Use Couples Counseling


  • Premarital Counseling: what is it and what to expect (PMC)
  • Get the most out of couples therapy (CC)


If you find yourself having communication problems over and over. Ask yourself what is it that you are doing over and over in all of these different situations. If you can not figure out the route of the communication problems that you are experiencing seeking the expertise of a relationship therapist. A trained therapist can observe your interactional style and help you develop more useful techniques so that people will listen when you talk and help you respond accordingly to them.