Sex Addiction Recovery in Philadelphia

Sex addiction recovery in Philadelphia: The first step towards recovery from a sex addiction starts with you!   Sex addiction recovery means becoming honest with oneself.  One must acknowledge ones own problems.   In the beginning of the recovery process  it is not necessary to admit your problems to your friends, family, co-workers or even to a therapist.  The first step is simply to acknowledge that your thoughts and behaviors have gotten out of control.  Defining the problem helps you develop a plan of action.  In general, telling at least one other person about your sex addiction will help you.  Telling someone else helps break the isolation that most addicts experience.  No one has to fight a sex addiction alone. Help is available.  With this being said, everyone has his or her own unique path towards sex addiction recovery.  There is no one right way.  Our goal at Sex Therapy in Philadelphia  is to help you develop the needed recovery tools.

Getting Honest With Oneself

  • On a piece of paper, in one column write down all the problems that you are struggling with.
  • In a second column, write down all the problems you are struggling with and how the problems connect to sex and sexuality.
  • In a third column, write down all the problems  that you are struggling with and how you imagine it relates to sex addiction.
  • In a fourth column, write down who knows about these problems.  Then write down all the names of people that you wish knew about your problems and why.
  • On a second piece of paper, complete the following sentences
  1. My problem is__________________________
  2. My fear about letting ______ person know about my problem is ________
  3. What I am comfortable revealing  ___________
  4. Revealing  ___________ will help me reclaim ____________

Often secrecy becomes part of the problem.  Having secrets from family, friends and co-workers causes you to  experience additional emotional stress.

Often carrying the secrets around become more work than dealing with the reality of the truth. Secrets prevent people from really knowing you and acting like a real friend. How can anyone help you if they do not know what is going on?

Recovery from a sexual addiction is scary.  You cannot change your past.  The pain you might have caused to others, while unintentional is real.  The past is over.  All you can control is the present.  Any actions taken now, have the potential to positively influence the future you.  The choice  you make today, is yours.  Are you willing to be honest with yourself  and explore your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors? Are you open to change?


Sex Addiction Treatment in Philadelphia / Sex Addiction Recovery Articles

Here is a collection of sex addiction recovery articles written by different sex therapists at Sex Therapy in Philadelphia.  Our hope is offer people living outside of Philadelphia a way to create their own sex addiction treatment plan to help them recover.  There is no “right” way – only “your” way.  We hope that you find these sex addiction recovery articles helpful in your journey towards sexual health.