Affairs, Infidelity & Cheating

Affairs, Infidelity & Cheating : a collection of articles written by relationship therapists at Sex Therapy in Philadelphia.

  • Infidelity and Marriage Infidelity and Marriage are not two words that are supposed to go together. Working through the affair with your spouse, or alone requires vulnerability, honesty, and an open-ness to making behavioral as well as emotional changes. Change takes time, strength, and reflection.
  • Partners Who Cheat This article will take a look at and understand partners who cheat with married individuals. We will go in depth of understanding the reasoning, issues, and solutions in approaching a cheating partner in relation to the recent Ashley Madison scandal.
  • Ashley Madison With the recent Ashley Madison email leak, individuals are flocking to websites to check and see if their partner has signed up with the site. If you have been having a sneaking suspicious that your partner has been cheating and have checked the website then…
  • Warning Signs Of A Sex Addiction Warning Signs Sex Addiction: If you have ever wondered if your partner struggles with a sex addiction, read this list and discover for yourself how well your partner fits the description.
  • Fear of Infidelity Fear of Infidelity. Every couple, at some point, faces the fear of infidelity. Couples counseling can help.
  • Cheating Cheating is a common term that is used by lay people. The term cheating is often used synonymously with “illicit affair, infidelity, unfaithful, bamboozle, fool, con, and defraud.”
  • Coping After an Affair: Learning to Trust Again Coping after an affair and learning how to trust again – This tip from Sex Therapy in Philadelphia/Center for Growth will address coping after an affair when you just knew something was not right
  • Family Roles in Sex Addicted System In a sex addicted system (also known as a sex addicted family system), it is common for the disease to become the central focus within the system. As you read through the rolls, see if any are applicable to you.