Penetration Toys Philadelphia

Penetration Toys Philadelphia: are sex toys designed to be penetrated by a penis.  A common slang term for these toys is ‘pocket vagina.’  Although they are also called masturbators, penetration toys can be used during hand jobs.  To increase pleasure during use, lubrication is either provided with the toy or should be bought when the toy is purchased.

  Disposable Penetration ToysSome penetration toys come in the form of compact textured sleeves designed to stretch over the entire shaft of the penis during masturbation or hand jobs.  These sleeves are designed to be used 2-3 times and thrown away.  There are also disposable textured penetration sleeves that are encased in plastic that come pre-lubricated.  The material in these sleeves can sometimes be removed, rinsed, re-lubricated and reused, however, the materials are not designed for long-term use.

  Partial Penetration Toys Some penetration toys are designed just for the head of the penis.  These penetration toys often come in the form of a cup, and have a vibrator at the end of the cup.  Although these toys can be moved during stimulation, they can also be left in place during stimulation of the rest of the penis.

  Reusable Penetration SleevesReusable penetration toys are those that can be used, washed, dried, and then re-used multiple times.  Reusable toys come in a range of sizes, shapes, materials, textures, and colors.  Some reusable penetration toys are small sleeves that don’t cover the entire shaft of the penis at once, while others are full sleeves that are encased in plastic.  Many of the sleeves are textured.  Some of the sleeves have textured materials, while others have ball bearings or other objects encased in the material to provide extra stimulation.  While some sleeves simply have holes as openings, others have openings that are designed to look like vulvas, lips, or anuses.

“Realistic” Penetration Toys Realistic penetration toys are similar to sleeves in terms of internal structure and their ability to be re-used.  However, realistic penetration toys are modeled to look like human anatomy.  Some realistic toys are modeled after or molded from the body of a real person. Some of these toys come in novelty colors, while others are painted to look like skin.

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