Enhancing intimacy: the art of using blindfolds. A sex therapist in Philadelphia can help

The introduction of blindfolds is a great way to spice up a relationship that has gotten sexually stale.  Too often people get sexually bored in relationships. People get bored emotionally, intellectually and sexually. Too often people stop putting the energy required into their sex life to keep it feeling fresh.  Thus, this tip is designed to shake up your sexual routine a bit.

When you and your partner are next home alone and eating dinner, try the following: Take out two blindfolds and put them on each other. Proceed with dinner as normal. Please note, eating may be slightly more difficult. Your eyesight no longer will help you navigate that fork full of lettuce into your mouth. Chew each bite for at least 30 chomps. Pay attention to the way the food tastes. Let your other senses take over.

After dinner, which for most couples is a memorable experience, hold hands and walk together to the bedroom. You each only can use one hand to navigate. You will need to rely on your partner for help. Consider this to be a trust building exercise. Once in the bedroom, without removing the blindfolds begin touching each other. Try massaging each other’s hands, toes, thighs, genitals, lips, shoulder, arm, and elbow. Note what it feels like to do it without site. Are the two of you more comfortable this way because you are used to being sexual without looking at the other person? Or are you less comfortable? What is it like to undress the other person? What activities do you find yourself being drawn towards? What sexual activities make you feel the safest? Which ones excite you the most? How does wearing a blindfold change your experience?

If eating and wearing blindfolds feels like it is out of your comfort zone, try the following: Spend ten minutes on the living room couch ‘making out’.  The take your partner by the hand and lead him/her into the bedroom.  Commence fooling around.  After stimulating his or her chest, bring the blindfold out from your pocket, and place it over your partner’s eyes.  Then perform oral sex on your partner.  Instead of doing the same old type of oral sex, this time use an ice-cube.  You can directly put the ice cube on your partner’s genitals, or you can put the ice cube in your mouth and use your tongue to guide the exact degree / pressure that your partner will experience.