Painful Intercourse

Painful Intercourse: Most women who are sexually active with a partner at some point in their life may experience a sharp pain during intercourse.  This sensation, unfortunately is a common experience. Painful intercourse typically occurs for one of several reasons. First, during intercourse, small amounts of air could be getting trapped within the vaginal canal, causing sharp sensations of pain. To minimize the amount of air, try re-inserting the penis. Another common cause of the sharp pain is when a woman is not sexually stimulated enough. Often this experience occurs in long term relationships, where couples are more likely to get into the pattern of having penile-vaginal intercourse without the same degree of foreplay as before during the initial courtship (lasting 3 months to 2 years). Often in long-term relationships the idea that penile-vaginal intercourse will occur at some point in the night is assumed, and as a result minimal time is spent building up to that moment. Thus, the solution is easy, increase stimulation. To increase stimulation… or to haveMindful Sex. To vary the  sexual positions sexual positions… Sometimes the decrease in lubrication may be a side effect of the medication(s) that you are using to treat high blood pressure, allergies, and/or depression. Again try increasing the amount of stimulation you receive and/or ask your physician if there are any other types of medications that does not have this side effect. A third common reason women may be experience a sharp pain during intercourse occurs when the penis is hitting up against her cervix. To decrease pain, change positions and/or stop thrusting as deeply. Another cause for this sensation is that the woman is simply tender from recently engaging in a lot of intercourse. Sometimes, women can get ‘raw’ on the inside of their vaginal walls. If this is the case, then stop engaging in intercourse, and engage in other forms of sexual play. Wait several days before resuming intercourse. Fifth, the pain could be resulting from an emotional issues. For example you were sexually abused as a child, you and your partner have been fighting a lot or you have difficulty explaining to your partner what turns you on in bed. To increase communication…Sixth, a sharp pain during intercourse could indicate something slightly more serious such as endometriosis. Endometriosis is a fancy way of saying that the uterine lining grows outside of the uterus, such as in the fallopian tubes, on the ovaries, or even in the intestines, which can cause other types of pain and symptoms. Seventh, the woman could be suffering from fibroids. Eighth, from Pelvic floor myalgia, meaning your pelvic floor has muscle spasms. Ninth, the woman could be suffering from PID and lastly, it is possible that the woman pulled her pelvic sling muscle. To address any medical problems that the pain may be a symptom of, I highly recommend that you go to your local GYNfor an appointment. Once your gynecologist has ruled out a medical condition causing the pain, and the above tips were not enough,  then I’d recommend making an appointment with a sex therapist in your local area.

This tip was developed for Sex Therapy in Philadelphia / Center for Growth. If you are experiencing painful intercourse and are not sure what to do, call today to schedule a consultation.  Help is available.