How Frequently Will I Have Herpes Outbreaks

How Frequently will I have Herpes outbreaks

The number of annual herpes outbreaks can greatly vary from person to person, and even from year to year for the same person.  On average, people with genital HSV-2 infection have four outbreaks each year.  Those with genital HSV-1 infection have less than one outbreak each year.  Typically, there are more outbreaks the first year, and the outbreaks diminish in severity, frequency and duration over time. To determine your own frequency, we recommend keeping a journal where you track your own frequency and how long the outbreaks last. This will help you become more knowledgeable about yourself. The more you know about your exact condition the easier it will be to answer a potential lover’s questions about the frequency of your herpes outbreaks.

If you are feeling confused, upset, annoyed, sad, insecure (the list goes on and on), take a deep breath.  Your feelings, while uncomfortable, are normal.  The exact nature of how your body will react to the Herpes is unknown.  Herpes outbreaks can change over time – and no two people respond exactly alike.  Everyone is an individual.  Looking for information on the Internet will typically give you general patterns and guidelines.  To help you sort through all your feelings, help is available. Our sex therapists work with many clients who have learned to live with Herpes.  Call today 267-324-9564.