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Herpes and Sexual Scripts

If you talk with a physician about having herpes simplex virus (HSV), they would likely tell you that the virus is pretty benign (e.g., skin irritation, physical fatigue).  Yet, so many struggle with having HSV.  That’s because of the immense social stigma with having the virus.  Additionally, sexual scripts often add to that social stigma.  […]

Myths About Herpes

         Despite the stigma, a lot of people have some strain of herpes.  Approximately 20% of the population has HSV-2 (herpes simplex virus – type 2) (i.e., genital herpes), while about 80% has HSV-1 (herpes simplex virus – type 1) (i.e., cold sores).  Even though so many people have a form of herpes, many myths […]

Casual Sex with Herpes

        Whether the diagnosis is recent or old, some people with HSV (herpes simplex virus) may see herpes and casual sex as mutually exclusive.  Because they have HSV-1 or 2, there can be the idea that the person will never have casual sex again.  Even though it may feel intense or like a death sentence […]

Herpes Help in Philadelphia

Living with herpes: A collection of our favorite articles. Herpes Sex Guilt Philly Having Herpes, Having Sex, Having Guilt in Philly: Tips for Self Forgiveness (herpes sex guilt Philly) Herpes Impact On Your Feelings Herpes’ Impact on Your Feelings Herpes Impact On Your Body Herpes impact on your body, including outbreak duration, recurrence, treatment and prevention. Herpes Facts […]

Where To Get Help With Herpes

Cold Sores

Where to get help with Herpes


Prodrome refers to the early symptoms and signs that a person experiences before the full blown symptoms of an illness become evident.

Cold Sores (Oral Facial Herpes)

Oral Facial Herpes: Herpes is a very common and usually mild recurrent skin condition transmitted through skin to skin contact.

Minimizing the risk of herpes transmission

Minimizing the risk of herpes transmission: Herpes is most contagious during an outbreak, however it can be spread even when no symptoms are present if the virus is active on the skin, but asymptomatic.

Living With Herpes

Living with herpes in Philadelphia: you likely have many questions and concerns about your recent herpes diagnosis, such as those listed below.

How Frequently Will I Have Herpes Outbreaks

How Frequently will I have Herpes outbreaks