Herpes Question: What is Prodrome? Prodrome refers to the early symptoms and signs that a person experiences before the full blown symptoms of an illness become evident.  A common example would be the vaguely achy, tired feeling some people experience the day before coming down with the flu.  In reference to herpes, prodrome is a set of symptoms some people experience just before they have an outbreak.  These symptoms include itching, tingling, or pain at the site of the infection, on the back of the legs or the buttocks.  Occasionally, people experience prodrome, but do not go on to have an outbreak.  The virus is still active on the surface of the skin, however, and the possibility of transmission is greater during this time.


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* Only a doctor can prescribe prodome.  At Sex Therapy in Philadelphia, located in Center City, we are therapists and do not have the degree needed to prescribe prodome.