Herpes Support Group

Herpes Support Group

The initial diagnosis of herpes (HSV 1 / HSV 2) can impact how people see themselves, and cause worry about how they will be perceived. You may feel like damaged goods, or wonder “why me?” These are all natural responses to finding out you are living with the herpes virus.  If this is something that you are struggling with then you may benefit from joining a support group.  In our herpes support group at The Center for Growth you will:

  • Meet other people who are in a similar situation as yourself: They too have the herpes virus.
  • Gain support from other individuals also dealing with the impact of living with herpes.
  • Increase your knowledge about herpes
  • Raise your comfort about talking about herpes
  • Discuss techniques around protective methods in keeping partners safe
  • Explore and develop your own approach to disclosing to partners and friends
  • Identify ways to keep you healthy, and the best way to manage outbreaks
  • Make safer sex techniques fun
  • Grieve your loss of your old sexual self
  • Develop ways to continue having intimate relationships
  • Accept your negative feelings about having herpes and focus on the positives
  • Develop your own meaning of living with herpes


Help is available. To inquire about when our herpes support group will start up again or to work one-on-one with a therapist specializing in intimacy issues

(215)922-5683 x 1 and speak with Our Intake Coordinator


(267) 324 – 9564 – and speak with our Intake Coordinator