Female Condom

Female Condom (FC2)

Female Condom: A female condom is a large sheath designed to be worn inside the vagina or anus. Female condoms protect from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Activities: Female condoms can be used during penis-vagina sex, penis-anus sex, or when sex toys are being shared.

Material: Female condoms are made out of a hypo-allergenic material called nitrile. Female condoms are recommended when either the male or female has a reaction to traditional condoms, such as: itching, swelling, or discomfort due to an allergy or sensitivity to latex. The female condom, like the male condom prevents STI and pregnancy.

Lubricant: Unlike condoms made from latex, nitrile does not break when it comes in contact with oils. This means that any type of lubricant may be used inside of a female condom. However, should any oil based lubricants come into contact with the vagina or anus, it is possible that the oils will trap bacteria in the body, increasing the likelihood of certain bacterial infections.

Expiration: All condoms eventually expire, so it is imperative to read the date printed on the condom packaging before use. An expired condom is more likely to malfunction and should not be used.

Tips for Use:

  • When putting the female condom in for penis-vagina sex, squeeze the ring between two fingers, make a ‘figure 8’ shape with the condom, and insert the ring as far as fingers will go. Then, insert a finger or fingers inside the condom and push the ring all the way into the back of the vagina until it rests below the cervix. The outer ring should remain outside the body.
  • When removing the female condom, twist the outer ring 180 degrees to ensure no semen spills out.
  • If using the female condom during anus-penis sex, the inner ring can be removed if that is the user’s preference. The condom can be inserted in the same manner as penis-vagina sex, or can be put directly over the penis or toy and inserted when penetration occurs.
  • First time users can practice inserting the female condom alone to ensure proper use when with a partner.

Getting Female Condoms: Female condoms can be purchased online, at reproductive health clinics, or at select retail outlets.

Reasons for Use:

  • As the female condom is designed for the receptive partner to wear, it can be empowering for some women and men to be in control of their pregnancy and/or STI protection, rather than relying on their partners.
  • Female condoms don’t require an erection. This means they can be put in before sex play starts and can mean less interruption during sex play. Also, partners can lose their erections inside a female condom without risk of semen leaking into the vagina or anus.
  • Because of the large width, penetrating partners may experience greater sensitivity than when using a male condom.
  • Female Condoms are hypoallergenic and will not irritate a latex sensitivity.

Experimentation: If you find yourself bored by the male condom, the female condom is always a fun alternative. It’s a simple way to spice up your sex life. Trying out a different form of birth control always requires a certain amount of discussion that many couples find refreshing.