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Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation is very complex. More people than you may believe have had sexual feelings and thoughts about the same sex and/or had sexual experiences with individuals of the same sex who consider themselves heterosexual.

I Might Be Bisexual

might be bisexual: now what? As long as you can remember, while living in Philadelpia, you have always considered yourself to be straight but has there always been this nagging feeling that you might be missing out on something?

Confused Sexual Orientation

Confused sexual orientation.

Developing a Gay or Lesbian Support Network

Developing a Gay Lesbian Support Network – Building a gay/lesbian support network can be a very important part of the coming out process.

Coping with Internalized Homophobia

Coping with Internalized Homophobia – By being a product of this culture, you too may have negative ideas and thoughts about being homosexual. It is known as internalized homophobia.

Alternative Lifestyles

Alternative Lifestyles Alternative lifestyles can mean many things to many different people. This is for anyone who does not meat the “mainstream” ideals of the particular dominant culture: gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or engage in BDSM, S&M, three-somes, open relationships, swinging, polyamorous relationship(s).