Premarital Counseling Intimacy Enhancement Three Hour Course

What is the pre-marital counseling & intimacy enhancement three hour course? Premarital & intimacy enhancement counseling is an individualized three hour  course for all ages. It is safe, fun and reasonably priced. It can change your life by enhancing the intimacy experienced between you and your partner.  Having good sex, will help couples stay connected during the best and worst of times.

During this course we actually teach you the foundation to healthy sexuality. To do so, we focus on a combination of techniques and communication skills. Because each course is individualized to meet the couples needs, problems, specific to the couple, can be addressed.

Our leaders have been helping couples have good sex since 2000.

Who is premarital counseling for? All couples could benefit from our premarital counseling course. It is designed for people who are in engaged, committed and/or intimate relationships and want to ensure that they are maximizing their relationship potential.

To give the three hour premarital relationship course as a gift Many friends give this gift to a couple as a wedding, valentines day or birthday gift. And of course, many people give this gift to their partner. Please call us and we can arrange a gift certificate for you. It is a wonderful gift to give to kids or to their parents who have been married for decades. It is the gift of future happiness. There is no better gift.