Fecal Play

Fecal Play (Defecation Play, Scat Play, Brown Showers)

Fecal play is sexual play that involves feces (poo).

The Appeal:

  • The Taboo. As fecal matter is not culturally valued, those that engage in play with feces may find they become aroused due to breaking cultural taboos.
  • Humiliation Play. Those who choose to be defecated upon may get turned on by the humiliation of the act.  Those who choose to defecate upon another may be aroused by humiliating someone else.
  • Sounds.  For some, the arousal from fecal play comes from the noises that are made during the defecation process.
  • Physiological Feeling.  For the partner who is defecating, there can be arousal felt due to the physiological feeling of release.
  • Other Factors. Other factors that may induce arousal during fecal play are the smell, temperature, and texture of the feces.

Safety:  As feces contains bacteria, it is important to keep feces away from all mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth, urethra, vagina, anus) or open cuts during play to prevent causing general infections or spreading sexually transmitted infections.  Feces may also contain STI causing viruses.  Because of the risk factors for infection and STIs, ingestion of feces during play is not recommended as infections may pass through the tissues of the mouth and throat.  If defecation is being induced by use of laxatives on a regular basis, the user may create a laxative dependency.  Overuse of laxatives may also lead to malnutrition, dehydration, constipation or hemorrhoids.  It is important to make sure that proper diet and fluid intake are followed before and after play.

Important Note: It is essential that players establish consent and discuss boundaries before engaging in any type of sexual play.

A Normal Variation of Sexual Expression: Although culturally, fecal play may be considered abnormal, the only ‘normal’ element in the realm of human desire is variation — every human being will express their needs and desires in different forms.  If the play is being done in a consensual and non-coercive manner, then it is simply another variation in human desire, regardless of how it fits in with societal taboos or expectations of normalcy.

Counseling: Because fecal play is a part of natural variation within the realm of human desire, counseling is not necessary if the players do not feel it necessary.  However, if counseling is sought specifically to understand more about the desire, or for any sort of issue (sexual or non-sexual) where fecal play may come up, it is important to seek a sex-positive counselor or therapist as they are specifically trained to create a comfortable space in which to discuss the activity.

When to Be Concerned: Although engaging in fecal play itself should not be a reason for concern, there are certain behaviors that may necessitate professional help.  If you or a partner are engaging in any of the following behaviors, it may be time to seek the help of a sex-positive counselor or therapist:

  • If nothing else sexually excites you.  You need to engage in fecal play in order to feel sexually satisfied.
  • If you find yourself fixated upon the play, obsessing over the play, or missing out on everyday activities (i.e. work, school, social activities, etc) to engage in the play.
  • If you find yourself being coerced into engaging in the play when you don’t want to.
  • If you find yourself coercing others to engage in the play.
  • If you find yourself feeling annoyed, angry, upset, frustrated, mad that your partner won’t try fecal play, or will only engage in this behavior one or two times a year.